The Day I Stopped Feeling Sorry for Myself

So many people go through tragedies each day. Not having enough money to buy food, shelter or having a supportive family are some serious situations to be in. And, sometimes, those people who go through that never complain or talk about it. I’d like to be one of those who don’t even mention it or complain about it because what’s the point? Sure, everyone has their “breaking point,” but what is crying and being upset over it constantly going to do?

In the past, I complained about not having enough money to live on my own or not having enough money to do this and that. Instead of dwelling on my situation, I should have just accepted it and worked my ass off. Now that I’m finally out on my own, why not be happy? At first, I was terribly sad and missed my family every single day, but it was my decision to move to Tennessee. It wasn’t like I was made to leave PA and move far away. I chose to do so and I’d never take it back.

I’m done feeling sorry for myself because, well, there are people dealing with a father or mother who lost their parents or are coping with a loved one who has cancer. People are going through some real s*** out there, but they aren’t feeling sorry for themselves. For me, what I need to focus on right now is saving some money to buy a house, to pay off my student loans and enjoying my life in-between.

Previously, my articles focused on my frustrations of being a college graduate without a job. Most of them were written in the same voice and talked about the same concept. But, they were written by an immature girl who felt as if complaining was the way to becoming “noticed.” Boy was I wrong.

To be noticed, you have to tell a legit story in a mature manner. When writing about the negative, you need to also incorporate the positive. If you’re a negative person, you’re more than likely going to attract other negative people in your life, who might be a bad influence. So, stop being negative and if you’re feeling sorry for yourself, just stop. It doesn’t do you any good.

Via Huffington Post


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