Comparing ‘In Love’ vs ‘Love’

We define “love” in different ways. We love our family simply because they’re blood, our friends for always being there, our co-workers for taking on a project when we’ve got too much on our plate, our animals for giving support and companionship and our significant other for remaining faithful. You see, we don’t just love…

Falling in Love Is An Experience of a Lifetime

Falling in love is an experience of a lifetime. There’s nothing better than someone holding you in their arms and not letting go. You feel secure, protected and safe knowing he doesn’t want anything happening to you. Saying “I love you” can be quite nerve-wrecking too because you’re always skeptical he/she won’t say it back….

Nights in Your Mid-20s vs Nights in Your Early-20s

When I was a teenager, I thought it was cool and hip to be out late. Occasionally, I’d hang out with friends until 11:00 p.m. And, then, once I hit my early twenties, 11:00 p.m. turned into 2:00 a.m. I’d go clubbing and drinking with my best friend and we’d stay out until it closed….

The Most Self-Conscious Part Of Me

I try not to let my extra bone of both of my feet bother me, but what do you do when you have to take off your shoes? When I was young and went swimming at a friend’s house, I’d always feel self-conscious because I had to take off my shoes and socks. I always…

You Never Know Your Own Strength Until You Go Through A Hardship

When life challenges you with a difficult decision, you either sink or swim. You either complain or deal with the situation thinking how much you have learned/grew from the experience. It’s true when they say you don’t know your own strength until you go through a hardship. Life can surprise you at times. Whether it’s…