A Thanksgiving of Firsts

Little girls shouting on a balcony along with an older man, who I presume is their grandfather. They sound excited and cheerful on the day after Thanksgiving.  I continue to walk Ollie as the cool breeze blows my hair from side to side. I scrunch my eyes because of the win thinking about the holidays. 28 days until the next holiday, Christmas. Three weeks until … Continue reading A Thanksgiving of Firsts

Confession: I’m Not Good In A Group Setting

As a kid, I was never good in a group setting. Whenever there was more than one person, I’d always clam up and wouldn’t talk much. It seems there was always someone in the group that would be rather aggressive and took the lead in the conversation. During that conversation, I’d fall behind while everyone else told their stories and disclosed personal information. I would … Continue reading Confession: I’m Not Good In A Group Setting

Most Women Want An Established Man

Most women want an established man, one who has his s*** together. The last guy you want is one who doesn’t know what he wants in life, is completely immature and still depends on mommy for everything. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t you prefer the man who is earning decent money over the guy who is still looking for a job? I graduated college when … Continue reading Most Women Want An Established Man

Tips For Kids: How To Eat Healthy This Halloween

Halloween comes once a year and kids look forward to this holiday because they can indulge in all the candy they’d like.  But, as parents, you must watch their intake because you don’t want a sick kid on your hands.  Not to mention, you don’t know if people stuffed anything into the treats they’re handing out.  So, in order to prevent your kids from feeling … Continue reading Tips For Kids: How To Eat Healthy This Halloween