A Thanksgiving of Firsts

Little girls shouting on a balcony along with an older man, who I presume is their grandfather. They sound excited and cheerful on the day after Thanksgiving.  I continue to walk Ollie as the cool breeze blows my hair from side to side. I scrunch my eyes because of the win thinking about the holidays.

28 days until the next holiday, Christmas. Three weeks until we leave for PA. It’s going to come fast and I know it already. Our parents are probably planning for our arrival and patiently waiting with open arms to welcome us home for a week. After that, we go back to reality that we’re living 800  miles away and we wanted this. Now, please don’t misconstrue this for me complaining for feeling sorry for myself because that’s not the case. This was our choice and as I said time and time again, I do not regret it for one minute. We’ve endured plenty of hardships being down here and we grew as a couple. Growing as a couple was something that needed to happen if we’re going to be together forever. Rather, it was a test we had to face.


Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I spent half the day cooking, watching TV, and working a little bit while Brett worked for 6 hours. He was only supposed to go in for a few hours, but it turned into several and I was not happy. I would have been crushed if it would have spent the rest of the night there.

It was our first Thanksgiving away from home. First Thanksgiving making dinner. First Thanksgiving in our apartment. Heck, it was Ollie’s first Thanksgiving. Now, it’s time to make new traditions with each other. It’s different, but it had to happen sometime.

I am thankful for a supportive family, boyfriend, a job and most of all- my health.

Dear Future Son

Dear Future Son,

At this time, your daddy and I have been dating for almost 2 years. I do not know what the future looks like, but I know he’s the man I’m going to marry. You see, daddy takes great care of me and loves me despite my flaws. He told me falling in love with me has been quite easy. Your daddy is a special guy and I know he’ll love you unconditionally.

I know daddy and I will raise you to become a respectful and kind young man who would do anything for his woman. He loves fishing and I can see it now — daddy will take you on many trips to the lake, sit you next to him and talk about memories he’s made with his father. He’ll hug and kiss you and won’t let anything happen to his boy. You will be a miniature version of him and I will love you until the day I die.

As your mommy, I will care for you, spend loads of time with you. And, even when you’re old enough to venue on your own and no longer need me, I’ll know to let go and allow you to live your life. Daddy and I will have a hard time watching you grow up. But, heck, everyone has to do it sooner or later.

Please remember that no matter how old you get, how far you live from us, we’ll always love you and be there for you. If you’re a sports nut- like daddy — we’ll go to all your games and cheer you on, attend all your school events, daddy will give you advice on dating girls and have “the talk” with you, and support you no matter what. Your grandparents always had my back — even though they didn’t always agree — and daddy and I will do the same.

Daddy is one of the best guys I know and I’m fully confident that I never have to worry about him neglecting you or ignoring you. Spending time with family is important to your daddy. He and I will do our best to protect you from the world and make you stronger when others put you down. Always remember that you’re going to find a woman that makes you feel the way daddy makes me feel. Don’t you ever worry about being judged or ridiculed by daddy or I because you are our son and we’ll always love you.

Mommy & Daddy

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Confession: I’m Not Good In A Group Setting

As a kid, I was never good in a group setting. Whenever there was more than one person, I’d always clam up and wouldn’t talk much. It seems there was always someone in the group that would be rather aggressive and took the lead in the conversation. During that conversation, I’d fall behind while everyone else told their stories and disclosed personal information. I would just nod my head yes and almost everything someone said, but never provided my input. I feared someone would talk over me and never care what I had to say. And, to be honest, most of the time, the friends I made talked about themselves, so listening to what I had to say didn’t matter.

This carried over in the work world. I remember I was working for this company as a Social Media Coordinator and we would have meetings with the owner, his assistant and another employee. They would all pitch ideas, but I was left sitting there with my thumb up my ass. Well, not literally, just figuratively. All 3 of them were very dominating people, so I never felt comfortable jumping in because there was never enough time nor a pause in-between.

This sort of behavior also happened while interning at Family Circle Magazine. I was the Home Décor intern and when I’d have a meeting with the Home Décor Editor and her assistant, again I was left speechless. I had nothing to add, which made me look quite bad. I just could not form words because again, I feared being talked over. Instead of thinking too much into it, I decided to push myself to talk, not just “let it happen.” Over thinking has always been one of my problems and I know it. I’ve gotten better at it, but there are still times I drive myself absolutely nuts.

I’m the type who has to be 100% comfortable in order to talk in a group. This is something I must work on, but it’s not easy when I’ve been this way my whole life.

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Most Women Want An Established Man

Most women want an established man, one who has his s*** together. The last guy you want is one who doesn’t know what he wants in life, is completely immature and still depends on mommy for everything. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t you prefer the man who is earning decent money over the guy who is still looking for a job?

I graduated college when I was 24, so I feel as if I was a bit late in the guy.  So, it honestly didn’t matter if the guy I was seeing just graduated and was just starting out in his field because I was doing the same.  Who am I to judge?

So, when I met my boyfriend, since I lived at home as well, it didn’t bother me he still lived with his parents. Maybe to you that’s a deal breaker, but it was no big deal to me. When I met him, he was looking for a full-time job, just graduated and was frustrated with submitting job application after job application.  And, I was right there with him because I was doing the same.  I endured the struggle with him and never turned my back on him.  He was trying his best and once I revised his resume, he landed a job about a month later.

He was part of my struggle as I continued to search for a full-time job.  I was interning at Family Circle in New York when we met, so I wasn’t exactly reeling in the dough. And, while we were dating, even though he didn’t earn a ton of money, we still went out on dates, so he wasn’t using money as an excuse for not taking me places.  And, I understood that they wouldn’t be extravagant places nor did I want them to be either.

I was looking for a guy who would listen, support me through thick and thin, love and care for me and would be there for me when I needed him.  The guy didn’t need to earn millions of dollars because at the end of the day, money doesn’t equal happiness. Therefore, even if he did have a ton of money, would that make me happier?  To a certain extent, sure it would, but in the end, just hanging out with him and cuddling is enough for me!  I’ve always referenced this quote:

“Most women want a man that’s already established.  A strong woman will be part of his struggle, survive it, succeed together and build an empire.”

Tips For Kids: How To Eat Healthy This Halloween


Halloween comes once a year and kids look forward to this holiday because they can indulge in all the candy they’d like.  But, as parents, you must watch their intake because you don’t want a sick kid on your hands.  Not to mention, you don’t know if people stuffed anything into the treats they’re handing out.  So, in order to prevent your kids from feeling ill or consuming too many sweets, I spoke with Jessica Fishman Levinson, MS, RDN, CDN is a registered and New York State-certified dietitian nutritionist and the founder of Nutritioulicious, who provided me with some helpful tips.

•  Provide a balanced dinner. Before your kids head out for the night, make sure they have a balanced dinner that includes lean protein, lots of veggies, and a healthy starch. A healthy, balanced dinner won’t stop the kids from eating candy, but at the very least it will keep them somewhat satiated while trick-or-treating.

•  Set the rules. Before your kids head out to gather up all the candy they can fit in their jack-o-lantern or pillow case, lay down the law. Some guidelines you may want to adhere to include: waiting to eat the candy when they get home, not in the streets choosing 3-4 pieces of candy that they will have that night and saving the rest for another time taking only one piece of candy, not a handful, from each house.

•  Hide the stash. Once the kids are home and have eaten their few pieces of candy, put the rest away — out of sight and out of their reach. When they ask for the candy the next day, let them choose a couple of pieces as a treat. Eventually the novelty will wear off.  Just be sure you don’t get into the stash yourself!

•  Brush their teeth. Needless to say, all that candy can lead to cavities, so make sure your kids brush well when they’re done indulging!