Most Women Want An Established Man

Most women want an established man, one who has his s*** together. The last guy you want is one who doesn’t know what he wants in life, is completely immature and still depends on mommy for everything. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t you prefer the man who is earning decent money over the guy who is still looking for a job?

I graduated college when I was 24, so I feel as if I was a bit late in the guy.  So, it honestly didn’t matter if the guy I was seeing just graduated and was just starting out in his field because I was doing the same.  Who am I to judge?

So, when I met my boyfriend, since I lived at home as well, it didn’t bother me he still lived with his parents. Maybe to you that’s a deal breaker, but it was no big deal to me. When I met him, he was looking for a full-time job, just graduated and was frustrated with submitting job application after job application.  And, I was right there with him because I was doing the same.  I endured the struggle with him and never turned my back on him.  He was trying his best and once I revised his resume, he landed a job about a month later.

He was part of my struggle as I continued to search for a full-time job.  I was interning at Family Circle in New York when we met, so I wasn’t exactly reeling in the dough. And, while we were dating, even though he didn’t earn a ton of money, we still went out on dates, so he wasn’t using money as an excuse for not taking me places.  And, I understood that they wouldn’t be extravagant places nor did I want them to be either.

I was looking for a guy who would listen, support me through thick and thin, love and care for me and would be there for me when I needed him.  The guy didn’t need to earn millions of dollars because at the end of the day, money doesn’t equal happiness. Therefore, even if he did have a ton of money, would that make me happier?  To a certain extent, sure it would, but in the end, just hanging out with him and cuddling is enough for me!  I’ve always referenced this quote:

“Most women want a man that’s already established.  A strong woman will be part of his struggle, survive it, succeed together and build an empire.”


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