Dear Future Son

Dear Future Son,

At this time, your daddy and I have been dating for almost 2 years. I do not know what the future looks like, but I know he’s the man I’m going to marry. You see, daddy takes great care of me and loves me despite my flaws. He told me falling in love with me has been quite easy. Your daddy is a special guy and I know he’ll love you unconditionally.

I know daddy and I will raise you to become a respectful and kind young man who would do anything for his woman. He loves fishing and I can see it now — daddy will take you on many trips to the lake, sit you next to him and talk about memories he’s made with his father. He’ll hug and kiss you and won’t let anything happen to his boy. You will be a miniature version of him and I will love you until the day I die.

As your mommy, I will care for you, spend loads of time with you. And, even when you’re old enough to venue on your own and no longer need me, I’ll know to let go and allow you to live your life. Daddy and I will have a hard time watching you grow up. But, heck, everyone has to do it sooner or later.

Please remember that no matter how old you get, how far you live from us, we’ll always love you and be there for you. If you’re a sports nut- like daddy — we’ll go to all your games and cheer you on, attend all your school events, daddy will give you advice on dating girls and have “the talk” with you, and support you no matter what. Your grandparents always had my back — even though they didn’t always agree — and daddy and I will do the same.

Daddy is one of the best guys I know and I’m fully confident that I never have to worry about him neglecting you or ignoring you. Spending time with family is important to your daddy. He and I will do our best to protect you from the world and make you stronger when others put you down. Always remember that you’re going to find a woman that makes you feel the way daddy makes me feel. Don’t you ever worry about being judged or ridiculed by daddy or I because you are our son and we’ll always love you.

Mommy & Daddy

Via Huffington Post


3 thoughts on “Dear Future Son

  1. This is the best. I just hope I have this one day. 2 years in and still in love. I guess first I gotta actually make it a complete year with someone haha details….

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