A Thanksgiving of Firsts

Little girls shouting on a balcony along with an older man, who I presume is their grandfather. They sound excited and cheerful on the day after Thanksgiving.  I continue to walk Ollie as the cool breeze blows my hair from side to side. I scrunch my eyes because of the win thinking about the holidays.

28 days until the next holiday, Christmas. Three weeks until we leave for PA. It’s going to come fast and I know it already. Our parents are probably planning for our arrival and patiently waiting with open arms to welcome us home for a week. After that, we go back to reality that we’re living 800  miles away and we wanted this. Now, please don’t misconstrue this for me complaining for feeling sorry for myself because that’s not the case. This was our choice and as I said time and time again, I do not regret it for one minute. We’ve endured plenty of hardships being down here and we grew as a couple. Growing as a couple was something that needed to happen if we’re going to be together forever. Rather, it was a test we had to face.


Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I spent half the day cooking, watching TV, and working a little bit while Brett worked for 6 hours. He was only supposed to go in for a few hours, but it turned into several and I was not happy. I would have been crushed if it would have spent the rest of the night there.

It was our first Thanksgiving away from home. First Thanksgiving making dinner. First Thanksgiving in our apartment. Heck, it was Ollie’s first Thanksgiving. Now, it’s time to make new traditions with each other. It’s different, but it had to happen sometime.

I am thankful for a supportive family, boyfriend, a job and most of all- my health.

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