Thank You For Being So Selfless: A Letter To My Parents To Thank You For Everything

Dear Parents:

Being born into a middle-class family taught me how to appreciate life.  It taught me how to work hard and earn money the right way.  I know you guys never had millions of dollars, but that was fine by me because at a young age, I watched as you struggled– at times– and still raised us 3 to be the best we could be, despite all the tough times you went through.

Mom- I was paying attention when you were working 3 jobs while dad was laid off and I now understand why you had to do that. You needed to earn extra dough so we could all survive. And, when dad hurt his thumb at work and wasn’t able to work, I saw how frustrated he was yet the two of you remained calm and cool- for us.

Thank you for showing me how to love and care for someone else. You passed down the gene of loving someone no matter what and not leaving them when times are tough. You and dad showed me how to have a relationship by loving each other the way you do.

Even though you didn’t agree with some of the decisions I’ve made in my life, you were still there to support me and love me no matter what. And, even when I wasn’t earning tons of money, you still occasionally handed me a $20 bill from time-to-time because you knew exactly how hard it was to find a job.

Mom and dad- despite being in my mid-twenties and not being able to find a good job, you allowed me to live in the house rent-free and never once asked me for a dime. But, you know from time to time, I’d pay for stuff and always did chores around the house without being asked.  And, for that, I’m eternally grateful.

You drove me places and never once complained about how far or how much gas you were using. I mean, damn, you drove me to the airport there and back and still didn’t ask for a cent.

You taught me how to be a parent. Even though I don’t have kids yet, by being good parents yourself, you’ve shown me how to sacrifice yourself to make your kids happy because when we’re happy, you’re happy. You both have big hearts and never once turned away from me when I needed you.

Despite not always having tons of time, you never told me you couldn’t have a quick chat when I needed you. When I broke up with boyfriends and wanted to talk about it, you just sat there, listened and never judged me. You accepted me for who I was and I am very thankful for that.

You always put food on the table even though at times you didn’t have mounds of money hanging around. And, I’m sorry for complaining about how much chicken you were making on a weekly basis because guess what, there were some kids who were starving while I was wasting my breath with the “ews” and “yuck.”

And, mom, even though you were short on cash, whenever you’d see something that reminded you of me, you’d always buy it and never ask for anything in return. You were always a giver, not a receiver.  And, dad, you’d give me some cash from time-to-time once you started doing your lawn business.

Dad- you’d take me along with you on your gardening jobs just so I could earn some money and I always appreciated that more than you’ll ever know. You took the time to listen and talk to me about what was going on in my life. I loved those jobs because I got to spend time with you.

Mom- I always enjoyed our shopping trips and I thank you for always buying me a shirt because you knew I wanted it.

All in all, you guys have always supported me through thick and thin and for that, I am very appreciative of.

Your daughter


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