When He’s In Pain, You Feel It Too

Things have changed so much within a year’s time-frame. We’re living in another state. We are engaged. We have a dog. We both have full-time jobs. We both have more responsibilities.

It’s a fact that I am not the same person as a year ago and if you asked me if I would do it over again, would I do anything differently? If we could go back in that exact moment in time when we were deciding to move here, would we have declined it? Nope. I wouldn’t go back nor would I change anything because the person I am today is not the person I was back then. I am more mature, can handle more situations and have finally learned to stick up for myself.

What I would change is how my fiancé was treated at his job. I would change how degrading they made him feel. I would change how they looked down upon him. I would change how tired, sick and smelly he is every time he comes home. I would change how his mood alters in the blink of an eye. I would change how the words his boss said made him feel like s***. I would change how sad and hurt he sounded on the phone today. I would change how awful he feels when he goes into work each day. All of these things I would change because to see him hurting and or hurt makes me feel like absolute crap.

You see, when you witness your significant other hurt, it makes you feel the same way. If you truly love this person, their pain will become yours. So, I am feeling what he’s feeling. I wish that I could make it go away, but I cannot. He would never shed a tear, but you can best believe I’ll do it for him. And, I would do anything for this guy because I am madly in love with him. I could care less if you say, “oh, he’s only your first love.” Okay, and? You never forget your first!

All he can do is find another job and hope this never happens again. I will always protect him from being hurt. I cannot always prevent it, but I can try! And, I told him I’d support him no matter what and to do what he has to do. I will stand by him.. forever.

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Chat With Founder Melinda Nicci of Baby2Body

I decided to chat with Melinda Nicci, who is a certified fitness trainer specializing in pre and post-natal exercise and also a Sports Psychologist M.A — founder of Baby2Body to find out some more on the brand and what it represents.

What is Baby2Body?

Baby2Body is the ultimate resource for new and nearly moms. We provide daily support and guidance throughout pregnancy, and weekly tips and articles for new moms. Our content is personalized to each stage of a woman’s journey, and provides information on fitness, wellbeing, nutrition, and look – everything she needs to know for a happier and healthier motherhood journey.

How did Baby2Body come about?

As it is with most ideas, Baby2Body was inspired by personal experience. When Melinda Nicci – Founder and CEO – was pregnant with her first child, she went to her healthcare professional seeking advice on how to safely stay in shape during pregnancy. Melinda was an athlete and a fitness trainer, and exercise was a core component of who she was, and who she is today. However, when Melinda went looking for advice on safe and effective fitness during pregnancy, she was met with muddled answers, and advised to avoid exercise altogether. That simply wasn’t an option. While Melinda expected to have to make adjustments and soften her typical exercise regime as her pregnancy progressed, she couldn’t imagine turning off that part of her life altogether. When she sought out alternative recommendations, she quickly discovered that there was a glaringly obvious lack of relevant and adequate information, around not only healthy exercise during pregnancy, but also a lack of resources around many aspects of a woman’s healthy lifestyle during pregnancy. She recognized that this was primarily the product of an outdated belief system that had yet to be challenged – so she set out to do just that.

Melinda sought to create a resource for women that wasn’t limiting, but rather inspiring and enabling, so she created a service-based business for women in the Greater London area, who wanted to stay healthy and in shape during pregnancy – and get their bodies back quickly after birth. She found success in local circles, but realized that there was even more she could do. She resolved to grow the business, and create an all-in-one resource for happy and healthy living, through pregnancy and beyond. With 20 years’ experience in the industry, Melinda brought the business to a digital platform in order to reach global audiences, and expanded the content offering to cover a woman’s fitness, psychological wellbeing, nutrition, beauty and the development of her baby.


How is Baby2Body different from other pregnancy forums/online magazines?

Baby2Body offers content that is grounded in research. We avoid negativity, and introduce new and nearly moms to opportunities through pregnancy, rather than restrictions and limitations. Many resources for new and nearly moms focus on the fear and uncertainty of the motherhood journey, whilst we provide the tools to make pregnancy an empowering and rewarding experience. We emphasize the importance of healthy living and provide easy, practical tips to change your lifestyle for the better. We believe happy, healthy moms make for happy, healthy babies.

We’re letting moms know that it’s okay to take care of their own health and happiness – because when they live better, predictive health outcomes for their baby will be better. What’s more, when women have the tools and resources to address their own needs, they feel more empowered to do motherhood their way. We’re also making it easier for them to access, understand, and act upon the information they are getting by leveraging the use of tech. By providing our content in daily emails that arrive straight to her inbox, women are growing accustomed to having targeted and relevant information delivered directly to them, rather than having to go out and scour endlessly through a variety of sources to find what they are looking for. We avoid overwhelming women with information, which often gets diluted when delivered in mass quantities. Instead, we send them exactly what they need to know, when they need to know it. We prepare women through information, motivation and inspiration, so they feel empowered and enabled to live healthier.

What is the best aspect of the site?

The online content available for new and nearly moms can be overwhelming, with many having to check multiple resources to find the information they seek. Additionally, these resources base their recommendations and advice on opinion and personal bias, rather than information grounded in study. Our USP is that we offer a new kind of motherhood resource: our content is distilled, and available in manageable chunks that women can access everyday throughout their pregnancy, and then weekly once they have had their baby. This content is relevant to their exact stage of motherhood, and features actionable, evidence-based tips and tricks to make their motherhood journey happier and healthier. In addition, we address issues across the spectrum of motherhood, such as healthy eating, style, your baby’s development, beauty and confidence, along with psychological wellbeing, fitness and even relationship tips. All the content a new or nearly mom needs is under one roof.

When promoting Baby2Body, what are the key points you make?


— We focus on the mom, unlike most motherhood resources, and advocate for healthy lifestyle changes for a happier pregnancy, and in turn, a healthy and happy baby.

  1.    — Our content is evidence-based and grounded in research. We dispel the mythology of motherhood and help women feel empowered and informed throughout their pregnancy experience, and as they become moms.
  2.   —  We avoid the fluff and excessive jargon – every piece of content within our daily and weekly emails is distilled down to the essential information that women can act on to enhance their motherhood experience.
  3.    — We have big plans to create a broader, richer experience with our upcoming app and curated shopping experience – The Baby2Body Shop.

I Want To Be Noticed For Doing Something ‘Great’

I was told you don’t have to be unique to be noticed, but if everyone was the same, how would one stand out? If we all had the same talents, how would we differentiate ourselves? If we were all the same, wouldn’t that be absolutely boring? If we all had the same attitude and thought in the exact same way, things would never change.

I would like to be recognized and noticed for doing something great. Maybe I haven’t found my niche in life, but I hope to get there one day. I want to be great. But, then again, who doesn’t want to be? I mean, there are so many people in our society trying to “make it” and be someone. But, why isn’t it enough to come home to a quiet household without cameras, paparazzi or worrying about someone constantly following you? I ask myself that all the time and yet cannot answer the question. And, I’m not saying I’d like people to flock to me all the time, but it would be nice to be noticed from time-to-time.

As strange as it sounds, I think people do recognize me at times. Know why I think that way? Unless they think I’m like the most beautiful girl in the world, I always find people staring at me and occasionally pointing at me. But, maybe I’m just paranoid? Whatever the case, people do look at me. Regardless, I’d like to get noticed for my accomplishments in life. Rather, for making a huge difference.

I’ve been trying to do this for years and I haven’t been successful yet, but I am not giving up!

I Found Out What Love Really Was When I Met Brett

They say you never forget your first love. You’re always likely to go back to that person and never let them go. And, I believe that wholeheartedly.

When I was in my early teens, all I knew was I wanted a guy who would take care of me and accept me for who I was. I didn’t necessary have a preference on how the guy would look. I just knew I wanted him to make me feel like the most special girl in the world.

I had my first boyfriend at 16, but he didn’t make me feel like the most special girl in the world. I mean, I liked him a lot, but I was only 16 and with him, I had my first kiss. Unfortunately, I planned my first kiss and if I could go back in time, that would be one of the things I’d change. It was in front of my parents house after the junior prom and I said, ‘let’s just do it and get it over with.’ My attitude toward it was rather ugly, but he went with it. And, the kiss wasn’t so bad. That relationship lasted 2 months.

My second relationship wasn’t so bad, but the guy didn’t have his permit. And, at about 18, that was a problem. Regardless, we had a nice time together, until he broke up with me via text 2 weeks later. I was done with guys for a while, or so I thought until I met my third boyfriend when I worked at a grocery store at 19.

He was someone I thought I loved. I felt as if we had a deep connection, but when I think back, it was nothing but a deep friendship. My dad always said he thought I would end up with him because despite breaking up a year and a half into it, we always remained friends. It was very painful to me to stay friends, but he honestly did not like me as much as I liked him. The break-up was mutual, but that still didn’t mean I wasn’t hurt. After we broke-up, I questioned whether I loved him or not and for a while, it hurt to see him going on dates with other girls and see him flirt with other ladies while we were out, which was why I figured I loved him. But, I think it was only ‘puppy love.’

I still was sort of friends with him when I started dated my 4th boyfriend. I would talk to him occasionally, but I was hooked on this particular guy. I would go over to his house, but all he seemed to want to do was fool around, which was not always on my radar. I wanted to go on dates, but he was not about that. So, after 6 months, we broke up.

This leads to me my fiancé. I did not think I’d find love on Okcupid simply because I was so against online dating. I knew he was special, but I didn’t think it would lead to falling in love. Again, I thought I was in love before him. But, every time before him was nothing but infatuation. I wasn’t always able to tell the difference, well until I starting falling for this particular guy. He was sweet, considerate, nice and made me laugh. Not to mention, I was very much attracted to him. It only took 2 months for us to begin falling for each other. On Valentine’s Day, he finally told me he loved me, but I was not able to say the same because I wasn’t ready.

A few weeks later, at the bar with 2 of his other friends, I revealed that I was in fact in love with him. He didn’t believe me because he knew I was drinking, but I meant it. The next day, I said it again, but this time, it was in his room. I didn’t know what love really was until I met Brett, my now-fiancé.

I found out love is about sacrifice, being considerate of the other person’s feelings, opening yourself up to the other, compromise, and more. Love isn’t just about cuddling and being mushy-gushy. There is so much more to it and I needed to learn that. My other boyfriend’s never looked at me the same way Brett does and they were never so willing to take my feelings into consideration before making a decision.

And, when Brett asked me to be his forever, I was nothing but ecstatic that he chose me! It only took 5 boyfriends to find the right guy, but I found him and I couldn’t be happier.

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What I Learned Moving To Another State

Last March, my then-boyfriend, now fiancé, and I decided to move to another state. Now, keep in mind, we never lived away from home and it was 800+ miles away. So, again, we wouldn’t know anyone and planned to re-build our lives. We would be in a different environment and I knew there would be tons to learn.

Not only did we have to learn to work together, I personally needed to grow as a person. I feared being a grown-up and it crippled me. But, my then-boyfriend was always there to reassure me that growing up was nothing to be afraid of because well, it has to happen at some point in your life. And, at 25, it needed to occur ASAP.

But, unfortunately, my fear took over and I refused to do so and fought with it- or rather- fought with my boyfriend. In the first few months, we did nothing but argue and it was absolutely horrible. It was pretty sad when we got our dog, Ollie and I was jealous of him because it seemed as if my boyfriend was giving him more attention that myself. But, it was not that at all because that sounds absolutely absurd. It was all in my head and I needed to take a hard look at myself and ask why I was acting this way.

See, I’m smart enough to recognize when I’m acting in an immature way. I stop and ask myself why and from there, I learn from my mistakes. And, the truth was, being that far from my family was very hard. I did not think about the ’emotional’ side of things because I knew it might prevent me from going. I knew I needed a change as well as him and figured ‘this’ was IT.

I just had such a hard time adjusting to this new life. I had lived in PA my whole time and in a day, that changed. But, it’s not like I had to do it, it was a decision we mutually agreed upon. I just had to accept the harsh reality that I was no longer a kid. I had responsibilities, bills to pay, people to take care of, etc. And, it was time to stop being so damn afraid to be an adult. My parents have always made decisions for me and having to make them for myself was terrifying. Again, it was time to start deciding what to do for myself.

I also learned how to care for another living creature, that being a dog. At first, I did not want the responsibility, but in the end, I learned so much from the experience and now love him to pieces. And, in October, when my boyfriend had surgery and got sick, I was there to care for him. The ‘old’ me probably wouldn’t have been able to handle it and that’s the sad, but I had to prove something to myself as well as him. To me, I needed to prove that I will be a good mom, good partner and be there when times are rough. And, I passed with flying colors!

So, despite the first few months being extremely rough and hard, I learned so much and would not take it back for the world. I’ve become more mature, have grown as a person as well as a wonderful companion to my fiancé.

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Chatting with Mitch Kahan About “InviteUp” App

I decided to chat with Mitch Kahan about InviteUp, which “is an event based, mobile dating app that fast forwards through small talk and quickly connects users for an in-person meeting at the places they want to go,” according to Media Strategist Lisa Inouye.  According to Lisa, “Potential matches can be filtered by age, location, looks and other lifestyle criteria, and dates are searchable by Places (location) or Faces (user profile photos).” This seemed like an intriguing concept, so I asked for further details.

What do you mean by “event based” mobile dating app?

InviteUp puts the date first. Our app allows you to plan dates quickly and easily by selecting exactly where you want to go. Users pick one or more date locations upfront, such as their neighborhood coffee shop or their favorite pizza joint.  We match people based on mutual interest in fun locations and get them on dates as fast as possible.

How is it different from other dating apps like Tinder?

Apps like Tinder are great for casual browsing, while other traditional dating sites offer algorithm-based matchmaking. On these platforms, so much time is spent viewing profiles and messaging back and forth with no follow through.  The bottom line is that people use dating apps because they want to actually meet new people in person.  InviteUp is the perfect ice breaker for getting offline and on a date fast.  People post where they want to go and can even specify a specific day and time when they’re free.

How did this app come about?

I and many of my guy friends were trying to go out on dates via the existing dating sites. We were spending up to $20 in a monthly subscription, with the hopes of securing just one date. We would often message dozens of women before getting a response. That’s a tremendous amount of time to invest in going on a blind date with a girl that I may or may not like. I wasn’t willing to do that.  I also realized that the women I met were particularly excited about going on dates to certain venues.  For a lot of the women I took out, the restaurant or bar was the hook.  Between the time suck for guys, and the spam inundating girls, I was motivated to figure out a way surpass the typical dating site, to get a date confirmed for a specific venue as efficiently and effectively as possible.  A serial entrepreneur, the reason I moved forward with the InviteUp concept was because I’ve had a lot of good ideas – this one I remembered the next day.


How much success have you seen with this app?

We have a steadily growing user base and see people really latching onto the location concept. People are posting dates at unique locations across Southern California and we’re often impressed by their creativity. For example, I can look on the app today and see dates posted at a college football tailgate, chocolate bakery, scenic reservoir, and trendy lounge. The app is not only a place to meet people, but also a great way to discover new places nearby.  Our users are planning dates daily and we’re happy with our progress so far.

I’d love any general information about this app that I should know.

One of the best parts of InviteUp that I haven’t mentioned yet is that we’re 100% free to use, which is a huge plus for our users in comparison to other online dating platforms.  We are based in Los Angeles and currently open to anyone located in California.  We hope to expand to other areas of the country early next year.  In addition to allowing users to plan dates in the app, we’re also partnering with numerous local business to offer discounts and giveaways for our users.


To learn more, please visit their FB page here.