Chatting with Mitch Kahan About “InviteUp” App

I decided to chat with Mitch Kahan about InviteUp, which “is an event based, mobile dating app that fast forwards through small talk and quickly connects users for an in-person meeting at the places they want to go,” according to Media Strategist Lisa Inouye.  According to Lisa, “Potential matches can be filtered by age, location, looks and other lifestyle criteria, and dates are searchable by Places (location) or Faces (user profile photos).” This seemed like an intriguing concept, so I asked for further details.

What do you mean by “event based” mobile dating app?

InviteUp puts the date first. Our app allows you to plan dates quickly and easily by selecting exactly where you want to go. Users pick one or more date locations upfront, such as their neighborhood coffee shop or their favorite pizza joint.  We match people based on mutual interest in fun locations and get them on dates as fast as possible.

How is it different from other dating apps like Tinder?

Apps like Tinder are great for casual browsing, while other traditional dating sites offer algorithm-based matchmaking. On these platforms, so much time is spent viewing profiles and messaging back and forth with no follow through.  The bottom line is that people use dating apps because they want to actually meet new people in person.  InviteUp is the perfect ice breaker for getting offline and on a date fast.  People post where they want to go and can even specify a specific day and time when they’re free.

How did this app come about?

I and many of my guy friends were trying to go out on dates via the existing dating sites. We were spending up to $20 in a monthly subscription, with the hopes of securing just one date. We would often message dozens of women before getting a response. That’s a tremendous amount of time to invest in going on a blind date with a girl that I may or may not like. I wasn’t willing to do that.  I also realized that the women I met were particularly excited about going on dates to certain venues.  For a lot of the women I took out, the restaurant or bar was the hook.  Between the time suck for guys, and the spam inundating girls, I was motivated to figure out a way surpass the typical dating site, to get a date confirmed for a specific venue as efficiently and effectively as possible.  A serial entrepreneur, the reason I moved forward with the InviteUp concept was because I’ve had a lot of good ideas – this one I remembered the next day.


How much success have you seen with this app?

We have a steadily growing user base and see people really latching onto the location concept. People are posting dates at unique locations across Southern California and we’re often impressed by their creativity. For example, I can look on the app today and see dates posted at a college football tailgate, chocolate bakery, scenic reservoir, and trendy lounge. The app is not only a place to meet people, but also a great way to discover new places nearby.  Our users are planning dates daily and we’re happy with our progress so far.

I’d love any general information about this app that I should know.

One of the best parts of InviteUp that I haven’t mentioned yet is that we’re 100% free to use, which is a huge plus for our users in comparison to other online dating platforms.  We are based in Los Angeles and currently open to anyone located in California.  We hope to expand to other areas of the country early next year.  In addition to allowing users to plan dates in the app, we’re also partnering with numerous local business to offer discounts and giveaways for our users.


To learn more, please visit their FB page here.


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