Chat With Founder Melinda Nicci of Baby2Body

I decided to chat with Melinda Nicci, who is a certified fitness trainer specializing in pre and post-natal exercise and also a Sports Psychologist M.A — founder of Baby2Body to find out some more on the brand and what it represents.

What is Baby2Body?

Baby2Body is the ultimate resource for new and nearly moms. We provide daily support and guidance throughout pregnancy, and weekly tips and articles for new moms. Our content is personalized to each stage of a woman’s journey, and provides information on fitness, wellbeing, nutrition, and look – everything she needs to know for a happier and healthier motherhood journey.

How did Baby2Body come about?

As it is with most ideas, Baby2Body was inspired by personal experience. When Melinda Nicci – Founder and CEO – was pregnant with her first child, she went to her healthcare professional seeking advice on how to safely stay in shape during pregnancy. Melinda was an athlete and a fitness trainer, and exercise was a core component of who she was, and who she is today. However, when Melinda went looking for advice on safe and effective fitness during pregnancy, she was met with muddled answers, and advised to avoid exercise altogether. That simply wasn’t an option. While Melinda expected to have to make adjustments and soften her typical exercise regime as her pregnancy progressed, she couldn’t imagine turning off that part of her life altogether. When she sought out alternative recommendations, she quickly discovered that there was a glaringly obvious lack of relevant and adequate information, around not only healthy exercise during pregnancy, but also a lack of resources around many aspects of a woman’s healthy lifestyle during pregnancy. She recognized that this was primarily the product of an outdated belief system that had yet to be challenged – so she set out to do just that.

Melinda sought to create a resource for women that wasn’t limiting, but rather inspiring and enabling, so she created a service-based business for women in the Greater London area, who wanted to stay healthy and in shape during pregnancy – and get their bodies back quickly after birth. She found success in local circles, but realized that there was even more she could do. She resolved to grow the business, and create an all-in-one resource for happy and healthy living, through pregnancy and beyond. With 20 years’ experience in the industry, Melinda brought the business to a digital platform in order to reach global audiences, and expanded the content offering to cover a woman’s fitness, psychological wellbeing, nutrition, beauty and the development of her baby.


How is Baby2Body different from other pregnancy forums/online magazines?

Baby2Body offers content that is grounded in research. We avoid negativity, and introduce new and nearly moms to opportunities through pregnancy, rather than restrictions and limitations. Many resources for new and nearly moms focus on the fear and uncertainty of the motherhood journey, whilst we provide the tools to make pregnancy an empowering and rewarding experience. We emphasize the importance of healthy living and provide easy, practical tips to change your lifestyle for the better. We believe happy, healthy moms make for happy, healthy babies.

We’re letting moms know that it’s okay to take care of their own health and happiness – because when they live better, predictive health outcomes for their baby will be better. What’s more, when women have the tools and resources to address their own needs, they feel more empowered to do motherhood their way. We’re also making it easier for them to access, understand, and act upon the information they are getting by leveraging the use of tech. By providing our content in daily emails that arrive straight to her inbox, women are growing accustomed to having targeted and relevant information delivered directly to them, rather than having to go out and scour endlessly through a variety of sources to find what they are looking for. We avoid overwhelming women with information, which often gets diluted when delivered in mass quantities. Instead, we send them exactly what they need to know, when they need to know it. We prepare women through information, motivation and inspiration, so they feel empowered and enabled to live healthier.

What is the best aspect of the site?

The online content available for new and nearly moms can be overwhelming, with many having to check multiple resources to find the information they seek. Additionally, these resources base their recommendations and advice on opinion and personal bias, rather than information grounded in study. Our USP is that we offer a new kind of motherhood resource: our content is distilled, and available in manageable chunks that women can access everyday throughout their pregnancy, and then weekly once they have had their baby. This content is relevant to their exact stage of motherhood, and features actionable, evidence-based tips and tricks to make their motherhood journey happier and healthier. In addition, we address issues across the spectrum of motherhood, such as healthy eating, style, your baby’s development, beauty and confidence, along with psychological wellbeing, fitness and even relationship tips. All the content a new or nearly mom needs is under one roof.

When promoting Baby2Body, what are the key points you make?


— We focus on the mom, unlike most motherhood resources, and advocate for healthy lifestyle changes for a happier pregnancy, and in turn, a healthy and happy baby.

  1.    — Our content is evidence-based and grounded in research. We dispel the mythology of motherhood and help women feel empowered and informed throughout their pregnancy experience, and as they become moms.
  2.   —  We avoid the fluff and excessive jargon – every piece of content within our daily and weekly emails is distilled down to the essential information that women can act on to enhance their motherhood experience.
  3.    — We have big plans to create a broader, richer experience with our upcoming app and curated shopping experience – The Baby2Body Shop.

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