When He’s In Pain, You Feel It Too

Things have changed so much within a year’s time-frame. We’re living in another state. We are engaged. We have a dog. We both have full-time jobs. We both have more responsibilities.

It’s a fact that I am not the same person as a year ago and if you asked me if I would do it over again, would I do anything differently? If we could go back in that exact moment in time when we were deciding to move here, would we have declined it? Nope. I wouldn’t go back nor would I change anything because the person I am today is not the person I was back then. I am more mature, can handle more situations and have finally learned to stick up for myself.

What I would change is how my fiancé was treated at his job. I would change how degrading they made him feel. I would change how they looked down upon him. I would change how tired, sick and smelly he is every time he comes home. I would change how his mood alters in the blink of an eye. I would change how the words his boss said made him feel like s***. I would change how sad and hurt he sounded on the phone today. I would change how awful he feels when he goes into work each day. All of these things I would change because to see him hurting and or hurt makes me feel like absolute crap.

You see, when you witness your significant other hurt, it makes you feel the same way. If you truly love this person, their pain will become yours. So, I am feeling what he’s feeling. I wish that I could make it go away, but I cannot. He would never shed a tear, but you can best believe I’ll do it for him. And, I would do anything for this guy because I am madly in love with him. I could care less if you say, “oh, he’s only your first love.” Okay, and? You never forget your first!

All he can do is find another job and hope this never happens again. I will always protect him from being hurt. I cannot always prevent it, but I can try! And, I told him I’d support him no matter what and to do what he has to do. I will stand by him.. forever.

Via PuckerMob


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