The Way of the World For Millennials

PuckermobSo, as millennials some common stereotypes are “privileged” “entitled” “bratty” “whiny” and the list goes on and on. Sure, some college grads would rather sit at home and play videogames/look for jobs while living under their parents roof. Then, there are some of us that bust our asses to look for jobs day after day after day, yet find nothing. We look every single day and that in itself is a full-time job. We try to find connections, sign up for a hundred different online outlets, create a LinkedIn account and reach out to anyone and everyone known to man. However, still at the end of the day, we cannot find a single thing we enjoy. Know what comes next? Unfortunately, we settle because we want out of our parents basement and need to start paying off student loans.

Then, gradually, we become unhappy because we just took a job to earn some dough. We stay in the position because I mean, we need to live. Regretfully, we chose a field which warranted us to earn absolutely nothing and so, we’re stuck in this bad and horrible situation. However, it’s both our fault and our college mentor that told us there were tons of jobs and “don’t you worry.” So, we listened to them and followed our dreams. What’s wrong with that? The problem is “our dream job” might not earn us enough, yet we still pursue it. What happens next is the most depressing thing… we give up on it because reality sets in – it won’t pay enough for us to be out on our own. It would take years and years to become successful, so here we are settling for a “job,” not a “career.”

Again, there are those of us who complain and don’t do a damn thing and that is their fault. But, the other millennials should not get these labels if they do their best and yet, it’s not enough. Honestly, it may not ever be enough because the economy is not made for college grads. Unless you get really lucky, unfortunately, you are more than likely, not going to land what you want. And, I’m not telling you to give up – ever! I want us to succeed in this crappy economy because we did not work our asses off in college to give in now! I’m just saying, if you want it, go for it and get a PT job in the meantime!

The way of the world for millennials is unfair. But, again, I will never understand how millennials who take advantage of parents and others around them get everything handed to them in a blink of the eye. I will continue to pursue what I want in life and not say a word. Sure, I feel frustrated at times, but the days are gone where I sit and complain about my situation. Well, boo-hoo there are plenty of people in worse positions. It took me a long time to get to this point, but I have now and I will not give up and I don’t want you to give up on millennials either!

Via Puckermob

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