What is Marriage All About?

In November of this year, I’m getting married. I’ll be 27-years old and I’ll be a married woman.

Did I think I’d get married sooner? Yes- I figured I’d be 25 and have at least one child. But, obviously, no one can predict the future.

No one could have told me I would actually meet my future husband at 24. And, no one could have told me I’d meet him on the internet. Or, no one could have told me in a matter of 5 days, I would place him in the ‘friend zone’ and proceed to take him back out.

Marriage is all about sacrifice. It’s not only about what’s best for you, but it’s also about what’s best for the other person.

It’s no longer about you and solely you. You and your significant other are a team and you can’t be selfish. At times, it’s hard not to be, but if you truly love that person like you say you do, you’ll sacrifice for them.

You can’t resent that person because if the roles were reversed, they would do the same thing for you.

There might come a time where you’re not a fan of a given situation, but you must be supportive, loving and ready to embrace what life has to offer.

If it’s good for the other person’s career, then you mustn’t be selfish because the same thing could happen years later with you.

You must always be prepared for life’s biggest challenges as much as you can be. I mean, you won’t always be on guard, but you must be willing to think about what’s the best opinion for the two of you.

Sometimes life can change in the blink of an eye and you’re heading down one path and then, life throws a curve ball. So, you’re left with thinking, what the heck do I do? Just stay calm because freaking out will do no one any good.

Not to mention, you might stress the other person out. I would write a list of your options and choose wisely.

Be sure not to make a rash decision. You may never fully know what the right decision will be, but there are always signed pointing to a potential direction to head.

And, just remember this.. everything will be okay! Again, the two of you are in this together and you must always have each other’s backs.

If not, the marriage could be a bit rocky. Just remember to always be open to new and exciting opportunities and most of all.. communicate!

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5 thoughts on “What is Marriage All About?

  1. ‘Likes, infatuations, crushes, fondness, lust, love…..etc’ are all taken ( or mistaken ) as the basis of or reason for getting married. Nothing wrong but a successful marriage can not be ensured unless and until it is cemented with trust and ACCEPTANCE (100% not 99%).

    Spouse is family like father, mother, brother, sister.

    My family is a great family not because they ARE great but because I have accepted them as family- whatever they are !!

    Generally, we decide to get married as a risk taking exercise- “let us see otherwise divorce is always there”. Acceptance is there but not 100%. We keep a small door open for escape.

    Do we really get married?

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