Blue Note Whiskey Bar Restaurant Review

I have to say – you might be rather skeptical when a bar/restaurant is in a hotel, but when you try Blue Note Whiskey Bar in the Holiday Inn on SiloHill Lane in Murfreesboro, you’ll change your mind! I was certainly surprised about how good the food was! So, open your mouth and head over to this delicious restaurant!

I went with my fiancé and our friends. The cook was generous and provided us with quesadillas as well as desserts. And, unfortunately, even though I’m unable to eat cheese, our friends and my fiancé loved them. They described them as mouth-watering with the perfect amount of cheese and salsa. They hit the spot right before we ordered our meal.

I chose the Salmon burger with sweet potato fries. You would think the ‘patty’ would be fishy, but actually, it was crunchy and way better than a piece of meat! The guys ordered the black bean burger and never had one before. They both told me it was out-of-this-world and the beans made it a superb burger. It was the perfect combination of beans, brown rice, corn, chilies and peppers! Talk about a win-win!

Our desserts were a fresh batch of white chocolate, oatmeal raisin as well as chocolate cookies! Yum!

Their menu includes other foods such as : Chicken Quesadillas NY Style Cheesecakes Chef’ Choice Appetizer (Fried basil w/ charred tomato & beef) Hot Wing Appetizer Game Night Nachos Garden Salad-Banquets Game Night Chips & Salsa Game Night Cajun Shrimp Cocktail.

Here’s their menu below:




So, be sure to head over there today and grab some good food!



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