Try Not To Judge A Person Before Talking To Them One-on-One

There are two sides to every story. But, most people only wish to see one side because they’re not interested in listening to what the other person has to say or rather they’re lazy.

You may say as you’d like, but one thing stays true – no one truly know anyone. I mean, sure, you can be with your husband for 70 + years and say you know him and all in all and I’d say you know pretty much every part of him, but there are some things you will never know about him. You won’t learn every single last detail of his entire life because there is simply too much to tell. This is what I was told in one of my psychology classes. The professor told us that you never truly know anyone in this life. Heck, can you say you even fully know yourself?

As humans, we change, we evolve, we move, we have children, we meet people who change our perspective on our lives. Sometimes, we say we don’t want kids, but when we meet an incredible human being that alters our opinion and we might learn that, we do in fact want children one day. My fiancé told me he did not want kids or didn’t think he’d get married until he met me. He did not know this about him – until after meeting me. He’s always said that he would never get married, but here we are, 9 months away from becoming husband and wife.

In general, I’d say there are many people who are close-minded and don’t want to take the time to get to know someone. That’s fair though. Why not hear both sides of the story? Be fair. Be kind. Be open. Take someone’s feeling into consideration before bashing them and not hearing them out. Everyone is different behind closed doors.

You’re a different person on the internet than you are in real life. It’s all about your words, your language, how you speak to people matters. It’s hard to tell how sincere someone is through the web and I get that. But, before you pass judgment, you may want to sort of know/get to know this person a bit more. And, always remember, hear someone out before you pick sides.

Via Puckermob

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