Our Year Adventure – In Tennessee

On March 20th, 2015, my fiancé and I moved to Tennessee. He obtained a job and so, we relocated. With the help of his parents, mine, my brother and his friend, we drove down to Tennessee together and unpacked all of our belongings. We both commuted to college and so, we never had an opportunity to live anywhere else.

When they left 2 days later, we were both fine. I knew it would take time to adjust, but I never knew about sad I’d feel until it hit me a week later. I was emotionally distraught because this was the first time I was not in the presence of any family and friends.

My fiancé was there to help me through it, but nothing he said made me feel better. But, it wasn’t like I someone made me move to Tennessee. No one tied my hands behind my back and told me to do so. I just needed to accept the decision we made and move forward.

He thought getting a dog would make our transition a bit easier, but unfortunately, it didn’t. It wasn’t until we had a big argument that I stopped sulking and finally accepted the choice I made.

And, when June came around, I landed a job and felt a bit more at ease.

Little by little, I began to feel less depressed.

That summer, we looked for countless activities, but there was no much to do. Honestly, some weekends, we’d spend the day looking for stuff to do and that’s how we’d spend our time. I was rather sad over not making any friends, but he was fine with just him and I. Sure – he was enough, but I also wanted girls to hand out with too.

At the end of the summer – August- my parents visited us. I was ecstatic that they came but when they left, I felt rather sad. I knew the feeling of them leaving would hit me hard, but I also knew I’d have to get used to it. I mean, in June, his parents came and I was happy, but again, when they left, I felt lost. And, I felt the same when my brothers came to visit in July.

I started to feel a bit more comfortable in my surrounding, but there was always a disconnect. There was always something I felt was missing from our new life.

In October, my fiancé had nose surgery. This was the first time I took care of him solely on my own. And, later, I learned it was a test to see if I was wife material. He didn’t get the surgery on purpose, but rather, that was something he thought of before he scheduled it. And, guess what? I passed that ‘test’ with flying colors too!

For our 2-year anniversary, we went to Florida, where he proposed to me. But, there was a catch though. I could not tell family until we came home for Christmas – the next month. It was extremely hard to hide such big news, but I kept my promise.

When December came, we unfortunately had to head home early because his grandma was slowly dying. So, unfortunately, we had to go home for a funeral, yet we planned on announcing our engagement during our Christmas break.

We’ve had a lot of ups and downs in the past year, but we learned so much about each other. Living with your significant other is so important if you want to start a life together. Personally, I grew up, learned how to become more independent and finally was out on my own.

All in all, it’s funny that a few years ago, I said I wanted to move to Tennessee and guess what, here I am! I set a goal for myself and I achieved it. I am very proud, so this just goes to show you despite being scared shitless to take a chance, you’ll always learn a thing or two along the way. I do not regret my decision to move that far because we might not have gotten engaged, learned how to work together and know how it feels to be on our own. It was the hardest decision of my life, but I made it! Heck – we made it!

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2 thoughts on “Our Year Adventure – In Tennessee

  1. Taking hold of a dream and making it come true takes a lot of courage, determination and hard work. You’ve faced a lot in the last year, but you seem to be stronger for it! Keep going, keep dreaming, and keep smiling!

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