The Only Consistent Thing In My Life Is My Fiancé – Maybe That Was The Point

Before I met my fiancé – in 2013 – I was rather obsessed with my career being number 1.  While I started my last semester, at college, I was already thinking about a job while everyone else was struggling to get through classes. I knew that it was important to set myself up for success, so I researched internships, jobs and freelance positions that would help me in my career.  I learned that I needed a college course in order to obtain an internship, so in spring 2013, I took the course and obtained an internship at Good Housekeeping Magazine.

I always knew I wanted to become a writer, but while in college, I learned I wanted to be a magazine writer. So, I made it appoint to get an internship for a magazine and my dream came true when I received an e-mail that I was offered the Editorial internship! I figured my career would take off. Well, I hoped for the best.

About a month into the internship, I became scared, so I started looking for jobs.  But, I couldn’t find anything, so I spent that summer working for Barnes & Noble.  Later that year, I obtained an internship at Family Circle Magazine.

Then, I met my fiancé.

We were both struggling to find ourselves. I told him that my career was extremely important to me and I didn’t want him to stand in my way. I didn’t need anything ruining my chances of becoming a magazine writer.

Again, toward the beginning of my internship, I began looking for jobs so I wasn’t screwed in the end.  The internship ended the following April, but I wasn’t presented with a position at the end. I was left feeling disappointed because I worked my ass off to get these two internships, yet I didn’t gain anything. I mean, sure I got experience, but nothing came out of it.

But, even as I looked for jobs, my fiancé was there while I went through the rough patch.

Eventually, I got a job, but it paid nearly nothing, so I only stayed a few months. I moved onto another position, but it just wasn’t the right fit. Then, we learned he obtained a job in another state, so we moved.

But, here’s the thing: maybe I was supposed to learn something throughout this whole process. At the end of the day, it seems my fiancé was the only consistent thing in my life. Despite wanting a career so badly, he was the only thing that stayed the same.

I was supposed to learn a lesson and that was no matter what career I have, it doesn’t matter if I don’t have someone to share it with. What’s the point? I mean, think about it. Even if I had a superb job that paid well, yet I didn’t have a partner to bask in the glory of all of it, life wouldn’t be as enjoyable.

So, at the end of the day, I’m glad I found someone to spend the rest of my life with and hopefully, my career will follow.


Via Puckermob


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