5 Struggles You Face Having A Tall Fiancé

I am 5’4 and my fiancé is 6’1.  When we met online and he told me how tall he was, I began looking at women who were my height and men who were his. I was actually worried that we’d look awkward together. Everywhere I went, I searched for men and women the same size as him and I. I pictured him and I holding hands and convincing myself it wouldn’t be as strange as my mind was making it out to be. Sure – they didn’t look odd together, but what if he and I didn’t look good?

To my surprise, when we met in person, I was concerned about nothing because our height difference wasn’t as extreme as I imagined.

Honestly, I’d rather him be that tall because I feel protected knowing I have a big strong man with me – in case something happens. When it comes to women, we tend to look for men around 6’0 and above because of that reason.

But, this is not me complaining about having a tall fiancé, rather it’s the struggles I face being well, short compared to him.

  • Selfies.  Let’s say whenever he and I take a photo, he’s the one who takes it because he’s taller and his arm is longer than him.  But, in some photos, it just looks awkward.
  • Taking walks.  Since he has longer legs than me, he tends to walk faster leaving me behind. I mean, come on, honey, slow down – I often have to shout.
  • Conversing in loud spots.  Since I am on the ‘shorter’ side, he cannot hear me whenever we are in a loud restaurant. He often says I’m all the way ‘down there’ while he’s ‘up here.’
  • His clothes are dresses on me.  Whenever he gives me a sweatshirt of his, it goes past my knees leaving the public think I have no pants. No, I assure you, I do have shorts underneath here. Want to see?
  • I need a stool in high places.  He likes to put our blender and medicine on the top shelf, but when he does that, I need to get my stool out and stand on it. Uh… hello, I cannot just reach for those items, I’m short!

Maybe you can relate?

Via Mogul


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