Social Media Doesn’t Show You Everything – But Why?

I would never post a status about my fiancé and I getting into an argument. I wouldn’t say the whole night was ruined because he was pissing me off or that I was making him feel frustrated with my countless questions. Do you know why? It’s because I’d prefer not to show that side of their relationship and neither do other people.

I don’t have anything against Jessie J. In fact, I love her and think she’s the sweetest and one of the realest celebrities there is. But, I don’t think her and her hubby always get along. She posts photos of the two of them, but she’s never says anything about getting into fights and not talking to each other. She won’t reveal that side because who wants to hear anything negative about someone’s marriage? Who wants to hear that someone’s marriage is a sham?

It’s rather funny that as humans we only post what we want you to see, yet we’re all obsessed with drama. We watch Teen Mom, the Kardashians, and other reality TV shows because we can dive into someone else’s life for an hour and see their lives unfolding in a negative manner. This means whatever is going on in our own lives is shifted to someone else’s. We absolutely love watching these shows – me included – because they seem real. Unfortunately, they’re all scripted, yet we weren’t stop tuning in every Monday night!

We also won’t make a status saying that we don’t have many friends and don’t go out that often, right? We always want to look as if we’re doing something instead of staying in because well, that’s lame, am I correct? Additionally, we’ll always talk about the good characteristics of the guy we’re dating because who wants to know that you guys don’t really have anything in common? That would be a turn-off.

But, why?

Well, we want to look like we fit in. We don’t want others to judge us if we seem as if we never do anything. Not to mention, constantly posting negative statutes just gets annoying and  who wants to get un-friended over that?

We’re a society that is on the move and always needs to do something, go somewhere or hang out with someone. We’re usually considered a “loser” if we just sit at home and watch movies. Your parents will say, ‘why don’t you ever go anywhere?’ So, not only are you being judging by family members, you’re being looked down upon by peers and your social media friends.

But, I say, go ahead! Post your true feelings, photos and what’s really going on in your life! I dare you.

Via Mogul


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