What Moving 800 + Miles Away Taught Me

I learned loads of stuff when I moved to Tennessee. At first, I was heartbroken that I wasn’t able to see my family on a daily basis. In fact, I had quite a few nervous breakdowns, but I got over it and grew-up. But, I’d encourage anyone considering moving so far away from home to take the leap and do it! Stop being afraid of your own shadow and try something new.

My fiancé and I needed a new beginning because we were not having much luck in the town we lived in. If you feel the same, it’s time to give-in and get out of the place you grew up in.

This is what learned throughout the process:
  • That I  can make it on my own. I knew I had the strength to eventually make it on my own, but I didn’t plan on moving so far. But, when I did, it taught me I’m stronger than I thought.
  • The  relationship with my fiancé grew stronger.  Moving so far away from home was a test for my fiancé and I. I figured we wouldn’t have any issues considering we lived together for 4 months before that. But, I had to see if we were in fact ‘meant to be’ and we mostly definitely are!
  • Independence  is truly blissful. I knew having my own place would be fun and exciting and honestly, it truly is one of the best things in life. Having a place you can call yours is an amazing feeling. Don’t ever take it for granted!
  • How to  take care of a living being. While in Tennessee, my fiancé and I adopted a dog. With this puppy, I learned how to care for something besides myself and fiancé. Together, we raised this dog to be friendly by interacting him with other dogs as well as other people.
  • How to  grow-up. At home, I was a bit immature and at times acting childish, but living on my own taught me to grow-up and stop thinking of just myself.

It’s time for you to learn and become more independent by moving away from home!

Via Puckermob


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