It’s Okay, It Just Wasn’t Our Time

By now, you know we’ve been living at my fiancés parents for over a month. But, a year ago, we were out on our own in Tennessee. We had our own apartment, jobs and life. We were able to decorate the apartment and do whatever we wanted to it. Would I go back to that pretty and cute place? Absolutely.

But, the reality is, it’s come and gone.

I used to feel jealous whenever my future brother-in-law and his fiancé and future sister-in-law and hubby would talk about their houses because they had something that I didn’t. But, you know what; it was “their time.” It was ‘meant to be’ for them to buy a house at that time. They’re both stable, so it was only fair. Who am I to take that away from them? I know how I felt when my fiancé and I had our place – on cloud 9.

I mean, in reality, I want nothing more than to have my own place, but it’s just not possible right now and that’s okay. I have a part-time job and he’s looking for a job. I’m just trying to stay positive and look at the good things coming up in our lives – one being getting married in November.

Honestly, we need to focus more on finding jobs that we know we want instead of ones we’re just going to take. I’m not saying that happened last time, but maybe it was a bit rushed. Even still, we learned and now, we know what we need to look for.

It has to be okay. It will be okay. It’s just not our time. It seems there’s something we need to do before we have our own place. I haven’t found out what it is, but when I do, I’ll be sure to let you know. But, for now, I’m going to focus on planning our wedding.

Via Mogul


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