Why I’m Still Not Ready For Kids At 26

I am in no position to have children at this time. Do you want to know why? I can barely support myself.

Honestly, when I was a teenager, I figured by 25, I’d at least be married with one kid. Well, I hit that mark last year and here I am.

I ‘m engaged to the man of my dreams, but him and I are in no condition to have kids. We can barely support ourselves!

I thought we all had it figured out — until we had to move back to PA and start over.

Sure – it was a pain in the behind, but it happened. So,life moves on and we must continue on another path.

Living in Tennessee was part of our lives and we’ll always remember it fondly, but it wasn’t going to be forever.

I heard that most 26-year-olds are not ready to have kids.

I mean, aren’t we still supposed to be figuring out who we are at this age? Don’t we want to know ourselves inside and out before we bring human being into this world? I’m in no way bashing people who have kids right now, but rather, I’m saying I’m not ready.

If you’re set for life, I’m happy for you, but some of us aren’t so lucky.

I’m merely 5 months away from marriage, but that doesn’t meanI’m going to be popping out kids anytime soon! I still have a few years to go before that. In order for that, him and I both need to be stable in our lives without being concerned about losing our jobs.

You may say no one is safe these days, but I’m just saying more confident, that’s all.

I mean, ideally, I’d like to travel to a few places before we have kids, enjoy each other as a married couple before things get crazy and wild.

Our lives are going to be turned completely upside down and I must admit –I am scared.

I’m afraid my kids will get bullied, picked on, bashed because this world can be rather cruel.

I’m scared I’m going to mess up somehow, make a mistake parenting him/her. But, isn’t every parent apprehensive about that?

I’ve heard being a parent is the hardest, but most rewarding job in the world.

I take being a parent seriously and when I tell you I need time to figure out who the hell I am, I’m just being honest with you.

The last thing I want to do is have a child when I’m simply not ready. So, until then, I ‘ll just practice parenting skills with my future sister-in-law’s baby.

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