Meet Someone Organically On The LOV Dating App

Tired of those online dating sites like Okcupid and Plentyoffish? Are you looking for something more than just a swipe? If so, you’re in for a real treat with the LOV Dating App.

According to the site, their motto is to “GROW LOVE ORGANICALLY…Plant The Seed That Will Grow Into A Relationship.” And, finally, there’s an app that lets you meet before you meet! Sure – you can exchange skype names or facetime, but maybe you don’t feel comfortable handing out your number or name right away. With this app, you don’t even need to give out your phone number; you can chat via text or video on the app itself!

One of the best things about this app is as long as you’re a human, you can join! They use phone verification from twitter digits, so you won’t have to sign up through an e-mail or a social network. Can other dating apps do that? Probably not!

Here are 4 cool features this app has, according to

  • LOV allows you to introduce yourself to anyone.

Don’t be shy, reach out and say HELLO!


After an intro, no further messages can be received until you’ve responded.


You always have 5 connections (flower pots) available
so you can focus on your best potentials.


Yelp integration finds the best date spots for you, while LOV let’s you both schedule, and reminds you before your date.

Watch this video for more details :

Download this app through Google play. Also, be sure to visit for more general information!

Via Mogul


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