Love Is F*cking Strong: Here’s Why You Should Never Let It Go

I stare into his eyes and think about how much love I have for this man. And, the thought of losing him absolutely terrifies me.

I have only been in love once. You can say that I don’t know a thing about love because I’ve only been in love once, but you’re wrong. So what? Why can’t he be my one great and powerful love? Why do I need to be love multiple times to really know what love is?

I fell in love with him within 4 months. Is that too early? Is that too soon? Maybe, but it happened. I didn’t want it to happen because I was scared and all that stuff. But, I’ve always been a hopeless romantic who often wished for prince charming to sweep me off my feet.

Maybe that was unrealistic, but I’d watch wedding proposals, read love stories, watch romance movies and imagine meeting the guy of my dreams one day, falling in love and having kids. Pretty typical, huh?

When I met my now fiancé, I wasn’t looking for a relationship, I was focused on my career and I told myself that no guy would stand in my way. No matter what, my career was number 1.

That shifted when we began dating.

I didn’t think this guy – who by the way, I put in the friend zone at first– would be my first love. I took him back out of the friend zone a few days later, but I didn’t intend on falling in love with him. I just figured if it happened, then I wasn’t about to stop it.

I knew he was special when I met him. Know how I knew? Well, he wasn’t like any other guy I’ve ever spoken with.

One day, we literally texted for 12 hours! What guy would do that? And, whenever we’d hang out, we never wanted to leave each other because our bond was so strong.

Every morning, he was the first thing on my mind and at night, he was always the last thing too. I’d look forward to seeing him and dread when the time came that he had to go home. My heart beat a mile a minute whenever I’m in in his presence.

I had fallen madly in love with him and there was no turning back.

I was scared that I had given my whole heart to someone because in another moment, this person could shatter it into a million pieces. But, I stopped worrying about that when we were together for a year. I began focusing on the future, heck, our future.

Love is so fucking strong, powerful, terrifying, free and empowering. To have someone in this world that you share intimate moments, secrets, and your life with is absolutely blissful.

This is the man I will have kids with, grow old with, share memories with.

Whenever he looks at me in that way, chills run throughout my spine. In another moment, he kisses me and his lips feel so soft and my heart skips a beat – just for one minute because I feel like I’m on top of the world.

Here’s why you should never let the love of your life go.

  • Being in love  is amazing. Falling in love is easy, but falling for the right person isn’t always simple. It takes time and patience to find the right guy.
  • You may never  find another who makes you feel the same way. They always say you never forget your first love. Don’t shut love out because you may not find another person who makes your heart beat that fast.
  • Makes life  better. Being in love with someone makes you feel like you’re on cloud 9. Don’t ever take it for granted because it makes everything better!
  • Never feeling judged.  This person fell in love with you because of your quirks and flaws. So, if you do something, instead of judging you, they’ll probably laugh.

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