Shit: I’m Getting Married In Almost A Month

My fiancé and I visited our venue today to go over the wedding ceremony with our caterer.

While we were there, things were cool and casual because it felt like a normal conversation. You know, people talk about their wedding every day, right? It’s totally normal.


We’re talking about our wedding and you’re talking about what to eat for dinner. We’re discussing décor, napkins, silverware and you’re calling for your yearly check-up with your doctor. We’re making and buying bridesmaid and groomsmen gift while you take the dogs for a walk.

Somehow, it doesn’t seem that easy, huh? I hope you caught-on to my sarcasm.


It’s almost a month until I get married. This will be the man I will be with – forever. I will grow old with him, have kids, a house, and share almost everything with.

Today, I heard a girl claim, “I’m not ready to get married!” I just smiled to myself because in almost a month, I’ll be a married woman.

When you’re little, you envision who you’ll marry, how the day will play out, what your dress will look like and who your bridesmaids will be. It’s funny thinking back to a couple of years when I was just dating and now I’m getting married.

It’s both a happy and emotional time in your life.

It’s frightening and thrilling at the same time. Your emotions are all out of whack and you can hardly breathe. All I know is in about a month, my last name will change. I will no longer have the same one I was given at birth and that will be weird in itself.

Of course I’m scared, but everyone is when they make the giant leap to tie the knot. I’m sure it’s natural, but it’s happening! Ready or not, here I come.

Via Mogul


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