My Relationship Is Based On Love, It’s Not About Money

I had a dream last night that my fiancé called himself a loser as he was crying on my shoulder. My initial reaction was to comfort him and tell him he’s not while he wept.

And, trust me, he’s not a loser.

Since I met my fiancé, he hasn’t been able to find a job, therefore, he hasn’t been stable. But, honestly, that never bothered me. I mean, sure I wanted him to have a career or a good job, but if he didn’t I wasn’t going to judge him for that.

 I loved him for who he was, not what he did. And, that still remains true.

There are lots of girls who are just dating guys for their money and good looks. But, this begs the question: if your man lost his job, would you still stay with him? Would you still love if he was broke and scraping by?

When my fiancé lost his job in Tennessee and we had to pack all of our belongings, leaving him didn’t even cross my mind.

My relationship is based on love, not money.

If it was based on money, honestly, we would not be together.  Sure, I’d like him to have money, but that’s not why I’m marrying him.

I’m marrying him because he treats me very well, supports me, loves me for who I am, always takes care of me and goes out of his way to make me happy.

I know that it will take him a little longer to get on his feet, but no matter what, I’m going to stick by him because I love him.

It’s sad that some women are with men because they have money and are successful. There are so many factors that go into making a relationship work.

Even though my fiancé and I have only been together for 3 years, we’ve been through a lot in that time span. I mean, geez, we moved to Tennessee together and we were only dating 15 months! We moved 800+ miles away and it was a test to see if we could make it.

While in Tennessee, we were living comfortably because both of us had decent paying jobs. We were able to splurge a little bit and for the first time in my life, it was nice to do that. Well, that was until he lost his job and I gave up mine because I couldn’t work remotely.

But, if anyone would like to question my love for him, take a look at what we’ve been through and get back to me. If I didn’t love him, I wouldn’t have stayed with him. I wouldn’t have been able to stay with him knowing he didn’t have a job.

That was never the case though.

And, honestly, he could say the same about me because I don’t have a career either. It has not been easy for either one of us, but we’ve gone through it together. We leaned on each other when we needed it.

We were each other’s support system when things went downhill in Tennessee. And, that’s how it should be. If you’re going to marry someone, you should be prepared for anything and everything. Your hubby could lose his job at any point.

Would you be able to withstand that? Would you be okay with him not earning money? Would you look at him differently?

If so, then you truly are in love with him. If not, you may want to re-think your decision to stay with him because being in a relationship is not based on money, it’s all about love.

Via Puckermob


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