You Told Me We’d Always Be Family And Then You Turned Your Back On Me

“No matter what, we’ll always be family.”

That’s the text you sent me last year as we were getting accustomed to living in Tennessee. Your husband repeatedly said that I should stick with you because you were “one of the good ones.” My fiancé wasn’t convinced though. He was always skeptical.

I often wondered how someone could be that nice. How was it humanly possible? You were the sweetest person I knew and said you’d never turn your back on me. You told me time and time again that you loved me and we were family.

I should be over it, but I’m not.

I should no longer care because well, you don’t care about me, but it’s hard to let you go.

You were one of my best friends and I told you many, many secrets that I’m sure you’ve now revealed to others. How could you trust someone after that?

How could I want to come to your wedding after I heard what you said about me? How could I bare to see your face after you said such horrible things about me? They were lies and you knew it! How could you live with yourself?

I comforted you when you cried. I was always there to check-up on you when your son’s best friend died. I was there for you when you had to come back to PA because one of your family members died. You were there when my fiancé had not one, but two surgeries. You constantly checked on me to see how he was feeling.

What happened?

You turned your back on me when I moved away. Yet, you said you cried when I left. But, then in another breath, you smiled to yourself because I was gone and you could get the job you so badly wanted back. You could retrieve it after so many years of not having it.

Well, enjoy it.

I wish you nothing but happiness and luck in life. I wish that because I’m the bigger person in this. I shouldn’t be considering you stabbed me in the back, but you know what, I’m better than that!  I guess I wasn’t good enough for you or you were always jealous of me.

I don’t understand how you said I was part of your family and we’d never lose touch and then you talked trash on me. How could someone be so two-faced? I’m upset and hurt by your actions. The worst thing is you don’t even care. You haven’t checked on me to see how everything is going.

You haven’t asked me how my wedding plans are coming along. And, most of all, you haven’t asked how my fiancé is doing because well, you don’t care. Did you ever? Probably not.

I’m sorry that I care so much and I haven’t let this go. I am now, so goodbye forever.

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Just Because I’m Married Doesn’t Mean I’ll No Longer Be Independent

Let me start by saying, I’ve been married for 3 days and I absolutely love my husband!

I was overjoyed, excited and looking forward to the tie when we’d tie the knot. I’m happy to be his wife, but that doesn’t mean I’ll no longer be independent.

There are some couples that literally have to do everything. If the other person doesn’t go, neither will they. In my opinion, that’s no way to live.

You should be able to get up and go wherever the hell you want.

Please do not be one of those gals who needs their husband to go with them everywhere!

My bestie was talking about visiting Portland and I told her I’d like to go solo because I want a girls weekend. I do not need my husband to come with me. I am his wife, but I am also independent. I love being with him, but I also love my girl time.

I love going places with him, but I can also go anywhere by myself and so can he.

I interned in New York for over a year and I traveled nearly every day by myself. I did not need anyone to hold my hand while I found my way.

I can do things on my own and I will continue to be my own person.

Even though my last name will change and my identity will alter slightly, that has nothing to do with my independence. I’ll still be the same person.

When he passes away, I need to learn how to move on with my life and if I’m constantly up his ass and rely on him for every little thing, I’ll be screwed.

While I rely on him for certain things, it won’t be every single thing. Or else, I won’t know how to cope, how to be myself anymore.

He’s told me in the past that I’m all he needs.

I don’t agree with that though. Like I said, I love him with all my heart, but there are times when I want to hang with my girls and he understands that. But, he’ll still say that he’d be fine if he just had me.

But, I wouldn’t be because I need friends, family and other people because that’s just human nature.

I love him, but I will remain independent.

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Through All The Negative, Remember There Will Always Be Love

“I hope one day I can find a love like yours,” one of my good friends said to me.

I told her that I know one day she’ll find her ‘prince charming,’ but it’s not just about being married. There are other kinds of love to appreciate like love between friends.

She was pertaining to having a husband, which I’m very much appreciative for.

I know that I’m unable to find a job in my career, I’m not at where ideally I’d like to be, and all of that mumbo-jumbo, but I’m forgetting the most important thing that I have – besides supportive parents on both sides – love.

I just got married about 3 weeks ago.

I keep neglecting the fact that I have someone that loves me no matter what. He never judges me and he’d support me no matter what. I don’t care if at 27 I’m not doing what I truly want. At the end of the day, I have love.

Don’t they say ‘love concurs all?’ I’d heard this phrase before.

As long as you have love and support around you, it shouldn’t matter that you don’t have much money, that you don’t have exactly what you want or anything else. Love is a powerful thing to have and it’s hard to find.

So, on those ‘down days,’ remember that you always have love around you.

This includes love from friends, family and your significant other.

In my case, I’m appreciative of the love I share with my husband, who does everything he can in order to make me happy. Despite not being able to find a job himself, he’s always there to bring me back up when I crawl into that deep hole.

My heart beats a mile a minute when our eyes meet and I melt when he kisses me on the forehead or when he puts his head on mine or on my chest.

Our love is real and sometimes I still cannot believe I found him.

But, love is strong and powerful and you mustn’t let it go. Whether it’s love for a friend, or significant other, it should never be taken for granted.  Therefore, just remember that love is all around us.

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A Letter To My Future Hubby Three Days Before Our Wedding

Dear future husband,

As we get ready to say our “I do’s,” we need to remember a few things and never ever forget them.

We must always be kind. Always be kind and always care for each other, even when we get into huge fights, even when we have kids, even when we buy our first house, even through death and health issues.

We must always love each other. No matter what we do – excluding cheating of course, which would never happen – we must love one another until the day we die. We must remember how and why we fell in love in the first place.

Once kids are brought into this world, our lives will change. This does not mean we will love each other less, but things will certainly alter. Instead of just worrying about each other, we’ll have more on our plates.

We must always communicate. I know sometimes it’s hard to talk about everything, but we must always talk out our problems and issues so they don’t turn into something bigger.  We have to work through things and promise not to just shut the other person out.

We must always remember to make time for each other. When kids come into the picture, we still must remember to make time for a date night and never let our romance die. It’s extremely important and we mustn’t forget that!

We’ve had ups and downs these last three years, but we were always there for each other. We were always there to support and pick each other up when we fell down.

The biggest change in our lives was moving to Tennessee.

We made it! We accepted the challenge and passed the love test with flying colors.

I will never forget when you had your nose surgery. With tears streaming down your face, painful eyes, you looked at me and smiled. My heart hurt so badly for you that I couldn’t help but kiss you on your head. This is when you told me you truly knew I’d be your wife one day.

We both knew each other was special since day one.

You were my first love and I was yours. And, now, in 3 days, we’ll tie the knot. We will be husband and wife and a new chapter in our lives will begin.

Truth be told, I am scared shitless. I am afraid of change between us. But, it happens more often than not. My goal is to not let that happen.

I will never stop loving you. I will never stop caring for you. I will never stop supporting you. I will never stop communicating with you. I will never stop taking care of you. And, most of all, I will love you for the rest of my life, Brett Evans.

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I’m Nervous, But So Ready To Get Married

I’m getting married in 3 days. Shit. Damn. F***.

This is really happening, isn’t it? This is real life, isn’t it?

It’s getting closer and closer every day. It’s feels like the longest few months of my life.  It seems like the day is never going to get here, but it’s just three days away.I’m nervous AF.

I’m nervous AF.

I’m sure you were when you got married. I’m sure you felt butterflies in your stomach when you thought about it. I bet you were apprehensive thinking about how much you wanted the day to go right.

I’m scared things are going to change.

“Your relationship changes once you tie the knot, I remember someone saying.

But, I don’t want it to change though – unless this “change” is in an even more positive direction.

What happens when we get tired of spending time with each other? Does that happen? Could that happen?

What happens if we grow apart?

These are questions that pop up in my mind, but I’m not going to dwell on them. I’m not going to focus on them. But, I am thinking about all these things though.

Marriage is a huge commitment. It’s not a joke. It is real and it is happening.

Is it normal to be kind of nervous?

I think about walking down the aisle and seeing his face. I’ll look into his eyes and probably lose all control. I won’t be able to control my emotions because he is my everything. He is my rock, my shoulder to lean on, and we’ve been through so much.

There’s no doubt he’s the one.

Once the wedding planning starts, everything starts to feel real. Once you begin trying on wedding dresses, it changes. It’s scary because this is the man you’re going to be with for the rest of your life. He sees you at your best and worst.

I’m nervous, but I’m so ready to do this. I’m so ready to marry him. I’m so ready to take this next step in our lives.

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