A Letter To My Future Hubby Three Days Before Our Wedding

Dear future husband,

As we get ready to say our “I do’s,” we need to remember a few things and never ever forget them.

We must always be kind. Always be kind and always care for each other, even when we get into huge fights, even when we have kids, even when we buy our first house, even through death and health issues.

We must always love each other. No matter what we do – excluding cheating of course, which would never happen – we must love one another until the day we die. We must remember how and why we fell in love in the first place.

Once kids are brought into this world, our lives will change. This does not mean we will love each other less, but things will certainly alter. Instead of just worrying about each other, we’ll have more on our plates.

We must always communicate. I know sometimes it’s hard to talk about everything, but we must always talk out our problems and issues so they don’t turn into something bigger.  We have to work through things and promise not to just shut the other person out.

We must always remember to make time for each other. When kids come into the picture, we still must remember to make time for a date night and never let our romance die. It’s extremely important and we mustn’t forget that!

We’ve had ups and downs these last three years, but we were always there for each other. We were always there to support and pick each other up when we fell down.

The biggest change in our lives was moving to Tennessee.

We made it! We accepted the challenge and passed the love test with flying colors.

I will never forget when you had your nose surgery. With tears streaming down your face, painful eyes, you looked at me and smiled. My heart hurt so badly for you that I couldn’t help but kiss you on your head. This is when you told me you truly knew I’d be your wife one day.

We both knew each other was special since day one.

You were my first love and I was yours. And, now, in 3 days, we’ll tie the knot. We will be husband and wife and a new chapter in our lives will begin.

Truth be told, I am scared shitless. I am afraid of change between us. But, it happens more often than not. My goal is to not let that happen.

I will never stop loving you. I will never stop caring for you. I will never stop supporting you. I will never stop communicating with you. I will never stop taking care of you. And, most of all, I will love you for the rest of my life, Brett Evans.

Via Puckermob


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