You Told Me We’d Always Be Family And Then You Turned Your Back On Me

“No matter what, we’ll always be family.”

That’s the text you sent me last year as we were getting accustomed to living in Tennessee. Your husband repeatedly said that I should stick with you because you were “one of the good ones.” My fiancé wasn’t convinced though. He was always skeptical.

I often wondered how someone could be that nice. How was it humanly possible? You were the sweetest person I knew and said you’d never turn your back on me. You told me time and time again that you loved me and we were family.

I should be over it, but I’m not.

I should no longer care because well, you don’t care about me, but it’s hard to let you go.

You were one of my best friends and I told you many, many secrets that I’m sure you’ve now revealed to others. How could you trust someone after that?

How could I want to come to your wedding after I heard what you said about me? How could I bare to see your face after you said such horrible things about me? They were lies and you knew it! How could you live with yourself?

I comforted you when you cried. I was always there to check-up on you when your son’s best friend died. I was there for you when you had to come back to PA because one of your family members died. You were there when my fiancé had not one, but two surgeries. You constantly checked on me to see how he was feeling.

What happened?

You turned your back on me when I moved away. Yet, you said you cried when I left. But, then in another breath, you smiled to yourself because I was gone and you could get the job you so badly wanted back. You could retrieve it after so many years of not having it.

Well, enjoy it.

I wish you nothing but happiness and luck in life. I wish that because I’m the bigger person in this. I shouldn’t be considering you stabbed me in the back, but you know what, I’m better than that!  I guess I wasn’t good enough for you or you were always jealous of me.

I don’t understand how you said I was part of your family and we’d never lose touch and then you talked trash on me. How could someone be so two-faced? I’m upset and hurt by your actions. The worst thing is you don’t even care. You haven’t checked on me to see how everything is going.

You haven’t asked me how my wedding plans are coming along. And, most of all, you haven’t asked how my fiancé is doing because well, you don’t care. Did you ever? Probably not.

I’m sorry that I care so much and I haven’t let this go. I am now, so goodbye forever.

Via Puckermob


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