Let’s Talk About Frustration

I’m human and I get frustrated.

We’re all human and frustration is part of life. But, it’s all in how you deal with it. Do you let it get you down? Do you let it get to you so badly that you stop trying? This is when it’s a problem.

There are days when I’m absolutely fine and then there are days I call my “down days” where it takes me a while to get out of my funk.

Trust me, eventually I get back to normal, but it may take me some time.

I get frustrated that I don’t have a career or I’m not able to afford my own place. I get frustrated that at 27 years old I don’t have everything I want.

I’m always appreciative of my husband, his family and mine for keeping us afloat. Again, that’s one thing I must always remember when I become frustrated. I know, I get it, but I’m human and I can feel frustrated sometimes.

But, if I let it constantly continue and don’t do anything about it, I’m doing nothing but hurting myself. I should be proud of myself for finding a guy who I call my husband, my degrees and my experience. I keep telling myself that there are some people who haven’t come as far as me.

Not to mention, I was strong enough to move 800+ miles away from family and friends. There are too many people who would have been able to do that.

So, when you’re feeling down, depressed or frustrated, remember all the positives going on in your life. Remember what you have instead of what you don’t have.

Via Puckermob


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