If He Isn’t Faithful, He’s Not For You

From what I’ve learned, there is no such thing as the “perfect guy.” No matter what, the man you marry or date will always have flaws. Once you accept his flaws, your relationship will soar.

However, cheating is not considered a flaw.

When he’s unfaithful to you, that should be the end of your relationship. Why would you want to be with a guy who isn’t committed to only you? Are your standards that low? Do you believe you cannot get anyone else besides him?

The situation might be a bit more delicate when you add kids into the mix.

But, no matter what, know your worth. Ask yourself if a man that is willing to destroy your family is setting a good example for your children. And, even if you don’t have children, you need to make him suffer the consequences. He needs to pay for the hurt and agony he’s caused you.

He’s not the man for you.

You need to kick that man to the curb faster than he can gather his belongings.

You are a better person than that and you need to realize it right here and now.

It’s not your fault, so don’t go blaming yourself. If he wasn’t willing to commit to your relationship the rest of your life than he’s just not worth your time and energy.

At first, you’ll be in shock, which is normal.

However, I’d encourage you to re-evaluate who you are and decide what you’re going to do. So, please cut him out of your life.

I mean, firstly, give him a chance to explain, but I wouldn’t give him another shot. Unless he has a good reason, maybe I’d think about it. But, I cannot even fathom a good enough reason to cheat.

So, just listen to what your heart is telling you.

Via Puckermob

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