A Letter To Myself When I’m Feeling Negative

Dear Self,

Please shut your mouth.

Your husband lost his job last year and so, you moved back home and found a part-time job while he was on unemployment. You received help from the government when it came to health insurance. And, yet, you still had a wedding. No, it wasn’t the most expensive wedding, but it also wasn’t the cheapest.

Then, you went on your honeymoon, which again, cost money.

You didn’t know your hubby was going to lose his job and you were going to have to move back home, but life doesn’t always work the way you want it to.

You planned all of this before he lost his job, yet, you followed through. You made it, which is a positive in itself.

I know you felt appreciation toward his parents and yours, but it was hard to see it at times due to the negativity. Honestly, it was frustrating in how you acted. It was as if you were a child living in an adult’s body.

Let me tell you something: there will always be set-backs. There will be times you’ll need to start over, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t appreciate what you do have. Life is filled with beauty, love and lust, so why do you feel the need to constantly think negatively?

Just relax.

Everyone has student loans and debt. You’re not the only one, so stop acting like you are! Trust me, there are people who are in worse shape than you.

Now, you’ve moved to SC and was presented with an excellent job opportunity.

You’re doing great. You should be proud of yourself and how far you’ve come. Not many people can say they moved to another state to start over. Do you know how much of a risk you took? You and your husband have some guts.

So, stop thinking so negatively.

All of this is still new. You’ve only been in SC for 2 months.

The two of you will get on your feet again. It will just take time, that’s all. You need to be patient and stop focusing so much on the amount of money you have. It will get better. Things will improve.

You’ll see.



Via Puckermob

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