This Is How You Stay Happy In A Relationship

There’s no such thing as the perfect guy.

As humans, we all have flaws and are not even close to being imperfect.

“I’m imperfectly flawed,” my husband said. “Just like Steve jobs.”

Some people are easy to understand and then, there are opens are who hard to grasp. My husband is one of the harder ones, but that doesn’t make him a bad person.

You see, I saw his hard-to-read signals as a flaw, until I spoke to him about it and he told me why.

Before you replace him, be sure to communicate your concerns. You must accept him for who he is not who you want him to be. The more you put pressure on them to be who you wish him to be, the more likely you’ll be unhappy.

You’re with this guy for a reason, so either deal with it or move on.

Here’s how to be happy in your relationship:

  • Stop comparing. The moment you stop looking for ways to compare your relationship to your bestie, the happier you’ll be.
  • Just love him. Accept him – flaws and all!
  • Appreciate him. If he goes out of his way to make you happy, you’ve scored at life!
  • Spend time with him. If he’s putting in the effort to make time for you, do the same in return.
  • Do activities that enhance your relationship. Travel. Go out to dinner. Go hiking. Adopt a dog.
  • Always communicate.  In my opinion, the happiest couples are usually the one who communicate.
  • Never underestimate him. If he truly loves you, he’ll do his best not to disappoint you.
  • Compliment him. If he looks nice, compliment him.
  • Thank him. If he does the laundry, thank him for it.
  • See him for who he is. If he’s an all-around great guy who some flaws, accept him regardless. I mean, it’s totally a deal-breaker if he’s abusive. But, if not, never stop caring or loving him.

Couples throw in the towel once things get rough, however, if you’re able to keep putting in the effort to make your relationship the best it can be, that’s what matters most.

Via Puckermob

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