Ten Cheap Date Ideas

As millennials, most of our money is spent on bills, grocery shopping and gas. It’s rare that we get to go out and splurge. And, maybe always having to budget is causing arguments between you and your significant other. It doesn’t have to be that way because there are cheap date night ideas.

* Go on a picnic in the park. Pack a few sammies and head to Falls Park, Conestee or another park in the area and just hang out. To make it extra special, bring a bottle of wine.
* Grab smoothies at Happy + Hale. Not only does Happy + Hale use local ingredients, their smoothies are a decent price for the size. Not to mention, they are super delicious!
* Stay in and rent from Redbox. You and your significant other can cuddle in front of the TV and share some popcorn while watching a cheap movie.
* Grab some frozen yogurt or ice cream. Whether it’s frozen yogurt or ice cream, it’s a cheap date idea that you and your significant other can agree on.
* Go for a trolley ride in downtown Greenville. Did you know that the downtown trolley is free? Well, now you do. Spend your day riding through Greenville.
* Go on a bike ride on the Swamp Rabbit Trail. Take your boo and your water bottle and head to the Swamp Rabbit Trail. You can either bike or walk the trail. Either way, you’re getting plenty of exercise.
* Go for a coffee date. Why not go downtown and sip on some coffee? It’s cheap and can you catch up while getting a caffeine boost.
* Grab bagels at Greenfields. It’s Saturday morning and you and your significant other are looking for a cheap place to buy breakfast. Head to Greenfields and grab a bagel.
* Visit the Greenville Museum of Art. Who doesn’t like museums? This is a good way to bond with your significant other and have something to talk about.
* Check out The Blue Ridge Mountains.Tumble down to lower elevations in northwestern South Carolina and check out The Blue Ridge Mountains. Hold hands and walk the path.

Start your day with gratitude.

Via Somewhere New Girl


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