Stop Settling For Shitty Love For Fear Of Being Alone

As women, we tend to settle for men because we feel as if we cannot do any better.

“Oh, he treats me pretty well, so that’s good enough for me,” we tell ourselves and our girlfriends.

If we gain weight, develop acne, have any sort of body imperfection, we start to feel self-conscious, which leads into settling for a mediocre man.

So, you put on a few pounds?

So what if you’re not always wearing makeup?

The man you’re with is supposed to love you no matter what. He’s supposed to brush the hair out of your face and tell you that you look gorgeous, beautiful, pretty, basically all the above.

If he doesn’t make you feel like the luckiest woman in the world, he needs to go.

If he’s showing any signs of being verbally, physically or mentally abusive, he isn’t worth your time or energy.

If he doesn’t support you no matter what you’re going through, say bye Felicia to this man.

If he makes you feel that you’re worthless, ugly, incapable of being successful, then you need to tell this man to hit the road.

As women, we’re constantly degraded about our body, career we want to pursue, and standing up for ourselves. We do not need the man we’re seeing to continue this vicious cycle.

You need to look in the mirror and ask yourself: does this man make me feel better or worse about myself? Has he improved my self-esteem or brought it to an all-time low?  Has he made me a better human being? Has he made me feel protected, safe and warm in his presence? Has he shown signs that he’ll always take care of me?

If you’ve answered yes to these questions, congrats, you’re no longer settling for the first guy you’ve laid your eyes on.

We need to feel empowered, strong and confident and not give in to a relationship because he’s readily available or seems interested.

It’s time to take charge and start telling ourselves that we’re worthy of a man who loves us unconditionally. We should never settle for a man who is convenient and texts us back sparingly. Why would you want to be with someone who has given half of his heart?

Put your phone down and see if you’re really compatible. Go on a date. Make a homemade meal together. Talk until your voices get hoarse and your ears bleed.

If he doesn’t want to partake in these activities, kick this man to the curb. You deserve better than that and it’s time to learn that.

Via Puckermob

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