She’s Dating Someone?!

I stood in the break-room venting about another fight my then-fiance and I had been in the previous evening.

“I’m frustrated,” I told one of my co-workers who just so happened to become one of my best friends. You see, her husband and my fiance were virtually the same person,. They had the same attitude, same demeanor, same outlook on life and her and I had similar personalities.

Whenever something bugged me about what my fiance did, I’d always go to her because I knew she understood where I was coming from.

I knew she probably went through the same emotions, had a similar experience and knew I could seek some advice. Bottom line is, she always had my back.

“I miss you and am very sorry for ya’lls loss. Thinking of you both. Love you.”

This was one of my facebook memories from the other day. Since I can be a rather noisy person at times, I checked her profile to find out she’s dating someone? I was stunned.

I was shocked because she told me though her husband pisses her off, she loves him very much and wouldn’t give up on him. Last year they even renewed their vows! I can’t tell you how many times I stood there talking to her about my thoughts + feelings and sometimes doubts about my fiance. Now I have zero doubts, but in the past I did and he knew it because I told him.

And, now, she’s dating someone?!

Our friendship ended when I heard she was talking crap on me. It hurt me so bad because we spent so much time together. When my now-hubby and I decided to leave the area, we wiped away tears together and promised we’d maintain our friendship.

She lied.

I guess I shouldn’t be that shocked that her and her hubby are no longer together. Boy have the tides turned.


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