Ah… It’s Almost 2018


Ew. Doesn’t that year sound terrible to you? Well, regardless, if I want to or not, we’re going into 2018 in 3 days.

Let’s re-cap how 2017 went.

I started the beginning of the year deciding whether my husband and I were going to move to Delaware in March with his parents. During that time, my hubby was going to school to become a home inspector. He’d travel every two weeks to North Carolina for 3 days leaving me working as a barista for a local college.

Fast forward to about two weeks before our move out date. We were getting down to the wire about moving in with folks. I know that I didn’t like the area, so I was hoping we didn’t have to move there. Not to mention, I wanted us to be on our own.

At the last minute, we took a risk and made the move without jobs. Again, we had no idea if things would fall into place this time.

It took two months for me to find a full-time job, but I finally found one in May.

In June, I surprised my hubby with a little black doggie, Minnie for his birthday. In August, we witnessed the Eclipse on my 28th birthday and ended the night with friends.

At the end of the month, my husband officially opened his business. It took about two months to fully take off, but it was worth the wait.

In October, Minnie got lose, but after 6 hours, she came back. Also, my parents visited for a few days. Two months later, we moved into a new and nicer apartment. On top of that, we celebrated our one-year anniversary.

His parents came down to help us move and we showed them Downtown Greenville. When we came back to PA for Christmas, Minnie ran away AGAIN. She was found two days later, but the almost 48 hours she was missing were the worst.

We can end the year on a high note because Minnie was found on Christmas Day, which was the best gift ever! We’re spending New Years Eve with the friends who introduced us to Greenville.

Let’s hope in 2018 that my hubby’s business takes off and we can finally live comfortably. Oh, for me, I’m just hoping for happiness with my career path.

Love you forever,

Hope Evans


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