How Social Media Helped Find My Dog

My husband hates social media. I mean, if he never had to use facebook, twitter, insta, snapchat, it would be fantastic.

But… it  does have benefits.

For starters, it helped us find our dog, Minnie.

On December 23rd, 2017, we made our way to PA to visit my parents for Christmas. We asked my dad to watch our two dogs so we could pick up 2 cakes for Christmas Day at a local bakery. Ten minutes later, we received a phone call letting us know Minnie was gone. Apparently, she escaped from the yard trying to find us.

For some reason, she’s afraid of my dog, so he was THE WORST person to go look for her. We believe Minnie was abused before we adopted her because she’s timid and will NOT go to anyone when she’s called. She won’t come near you, so the chances of getting her back were extremely slim. She’s a 10-pound dog who is easily cold and the frigid temperature made us think she froze to death.

The day she got lost, I posted a picture of her on my facebook page in hopes that someone would share it and help us find her. The problem was we no longer live in PA and so, I wasn’t sure if my facebook friends would care to help because we haven’t hung out, seen each other or talked in a few years.

To my surprise, a high school friend shared it on her page, which led to about 200 shares just from one post! She shared it on a few facebook groups she was part of where she claimed that people with lost dogs find them through the group in a matter of a few days.

Since we lost her the day before Christmas Eve, my assumption was everyone would be with family and no one would be willing to help us find our lost dog. Heck, who would care enough to want to search for our dog when they don’t know us?

But I guess humanity can surprise you because I was up to about 500 shares on facebook alone and I even received a message from a woman providing tips on how to find her. There was also a woman walking her dog around 1:00 trying to find Minnie!

Honestly, I was shocked that people would be willing to assist us in finding her.

There weren’t too many places open on Christmas Eve and it began to snow and rain and even dropped down to the 20’s on the two nights she was gone. How the hell did this tiny dog survive? Did she hide somewhere? How did she seek shelter?

I cried.

I cried because my husband and I felt defeated, had no clue where she was and the worst part was a few people saw her, tried to catch her, but she just kept going, sniffing and looking for us.

But, people on facebook just kept telling me not to lose hope. They kept telling me to continue hanging signs around the neighborhood, keep sharing on social media and keep looking for her. I held onto their words for dear life hoping for a miracle.

I began messaging my friends on facebook in the PA area letting them know about Minnie and asking them to watch out for her and to let me know if they see her.

Tears streamed down my face as I heard the wind blowing knocking down the lost dog signs we put up the day before.

I held onto my other dog tight hoping his nose would let me know if she was close. But, he slept throughout the night not even lifting his head up as I hoped off the couch to look out the window to see if she came back for the food and water we left outside.


That was until Christmas Day, around 8:30 when I received a phone call.

“We found your dog, Minnie,”

My parents, husband and I drove about 2 miles away-  where she crossed a major highway – knocked on the door of the woman who found her and waited until she brought Minnie out. Minnie walked toward us with her head down knowing she was in trouble, but all we could do was pick her up and hug her.

The story was the neighbor next door thought it was the woman’s tiny black dog that got out and was shivering at her doorstep on the morning on Christmas. But, it was in fact Minnie.

The woman looked on social media, saw my contact info and called me. Moral of the story was there are STILL good people in this world and social media IS a good resource to have. In this case, we found Minnie through social media and I could not have been more thankful. It was truly a Christmas miracle I’ll never forgot and definitely a Christmas to remember.

Thank you so much to all those who helped us find our dear, Minnie. We cannot thank you enough for the support and kind words you brought us! Happy New Year!



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