One Year Later: My Millennial Life Premiere

So, it’s been a little over a year since My Millennial Life premiered. And, a lot has changed.

In the documentary, you see as I talk about how much I dislike my current job and how unhappy I was with being 25 and still living at home.

“This is not how I saw myself at 25,” you heard me say as I sat in my room.

In another scene you’re taken to the apartment Brett and I were going to rent. “I want to move out so badly. My house is just too small,” I say.

There wasn’t a moment that I didn’t feel appreciation towards his parents and mine. They were always there to love and support us – even when we wanted to move to Tennessee. His parents were a bit more hands-off when it came to that, but nevertheless, my parents did come to help us unpack and were supportive later on.

The first few months were extremely difficult emotionally for me because I’ve always been close to my family. One minute I was okay and then the next, I’d have a nervous breakdown.

At the end, you’ll find us living in Tennessee see me finally land a full-time job that I loved.

Filming took place in October 2014 and then again in early 2015. Maureen and her crew came three times to film us in New York, Philadelphia, Tennessee, and at my house.

A year later, Brett and I found ourselves making the decision to move back home – after he lost his job. We temporarily moved back in with his parents. I was the one who again struggled with that decision because I was losing my independence, freedom and apartment, that I loved.

Therefore, at the premiere, I shared the news that we had to move back. This was difficult news to considering I hadn’t fully digested having to move back. However, there was also good news to share that Brett & I were engaged.

We planned our wedding, but still struggled with job and finding ourselves.

Fast forward to a year later. We’re now living in Greenville and I finally landed the perfect full-time job. And, Brett now owns a buisness, so we’re doing quite well. It took us some time, but we finally made it!

It goes to show you that you’ll get to where you’d like to be. It may just took a bit more time.

Watch the latest video I made last year:

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