Follow Through With Your New Years Resolutions

It’s a brand new year and you know what that means?

Gym time.

Floods of people will flock to the gym to fulfil their “new years resolutions.” But, in reality, that will only last about a month and then unfortunately they’ll fall off the wagon. But, why?

Why can’t people stick to working out and eating healthy? No one wants to eat a salad every single day. No one wants to eat boring veggies for dinner.

It doesn’t have to be boring. There are plenty of ways to spruce up your meals! And, you really should workout at least 30 minutes a day because its good for your body. No one likes “dieting.” No one likes to be restricted and told they aren’t allowed to eat this and that.

Maybe your issue is eating before bed? Maybe your issue is too many processed foods? Too many sweets? Whatever the reason, it doesn’t have to be like that.

It’s time to stick to getting healthy.

Don’t think about it as “dieting.” Think about it as treating your body right.

I’d start the day with a big breakfast like eggs or egg whites with veggies and two pieces of turkey bacon on the side. For lunch, a big grilled chicken salad would suffice. I’d recommend eating between each meal. You can simply consume an apple with peanut butter, almonds, or carrots with hummus. For dinner, why not make some salmon, brown rice and vegetables? Does that sound boring to you?

Oh, come on, you’ll get used to it.

It’s time to start making your own food instead of relying on the microwave to heat up your food. Trust me, if you have stomach issues like me, foods that aren’t processed might just to the ticket!

Please note that I’m not a dietitian by any means, but I’ve always heard you should start with a big meal in the morning and as the day goes on, your portions should get smaller and smaller.  If you’re starving after dinner, later on, why not eat a healthy snack like unsalted popcorn, or fruit that doesn’t have tons of sugar?

When my husband and I moved to Tennessee back in March 2015, we began making our own food and we found it to be fun! Not only will you bond as a couple, you’ll also know exactly what’s in your food, which is definitely a perk! I mean, do you know many additives there are in food?

I’m not saying you should do it as a couple or with someone else what I’m saying is you should do it for YOURSELF and your body.

So, I’d start this year by making your own food. Don’t have time? Why don’t you set aside an hour on Sunday night to meal prep? Stop making excuses and follow through with your goals!

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