Two Weeks Ago, We Were Living A Nightmare

“I’m pretty sure she’s gone,” I said with tears forming in my eyes. I didn’t cry on the first night she was lost, but after that, all I could do was weep.

Two weeks ago, our dog, Minnie escaped my parents yard while my husband and I were at a local bakery purchasing two cakes for Christmas.

“I should have brought her with us,” I said to my husband. “Then, this never would have happened.”

Honestly, it might have occurred either way.

For some reason, my little black dog with huge ears that stick up like Minnie Mouse does not like my father. I believe a man that looked like him abused her before we adopted her. It takes her a long time to warm up to you.

She ran from him because she was looking for my husband and I. Maybe she thought we left her there? Maybe she thought we were dropping her off and never coming back? Regardless of the reason, she was lost on two of the coldest nights in Pennsylvania.

This 10-pound dog roughed it for two nights. She crossed two major roads and ended up shivering on someone’s doorstep on Christmas Day.

Talk about Mighty Mouse.

We spent five hours the first night and 8 hours the second day looking for her. We drove around and hung up signs, tried calling her name as we walked around the sections, but we had no clue where she was or if she was still alive.

It was the worst Christmas Eve I’ve ever had.

I couldn’t concentrate and all I could do was think of my tiny dog roaming around looking for us. A neighbor tried to catch her, but she told us she wouldn’t come to her. “She just kept sniffing and ran away as soon as I got close to her.” After hearing that, our first thought was….we’re screwed.

She wasn’t going to come to anyone when they called her. The only way we would get her back would be if she was so cold and tired that she laid on someone’s doorstep.

And, that’s exactly what happened.

The worst 48 hours of my life ended when I received a phone call that she was found. On Christmas morning, we picked up our fur baby and kept her in close proximity everywhere we went for the rest of the trip.

Talk about a Christmas miracle. Talk about a visit we’ll never forget.

Always remember just because a situation starts out in a negative manner doesn’t mean it won’t end in a positive way.

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