The Village Grind: Cozy, Casual & Colorful

I think deep down I’m a hipster.

I love to discuss life and question why we handle things in certain ways. Some people do not think this way, but I’m one of the few who do. Why do we have to always follow the path? Why can’t we just pave our own way in life?

I contemplated this while visiting The Village Grind in Greenville, SC, a coffee shop on the West End. When you walk in, not only does the aroma of coffee hit your nose, the colorful paintings on the wall jump out and excite the mind!

The Village Grind is an authentic coffee shop that actually makes their syrups instead of purchasing processed ones with preservatives and additives most coffee shops sell.


I ordered a 12 oz toasted hazelnut latte with almond milk and asked for a 12 oz lavender mocha with whole milk for my husband.

Even though this hot spot is a bit small, we eventually found seating by the window overlooking the street. “I like this coffee,” my husband said. “It has a different taste than I’m used to.” In this case, “different” meant good. When I tried a sip of his latte, my first impression was smooth and surprising pleasant.  My latte on the other hand truly tasted hand-crafted. I can usually tell when coffee shops overly compensate with sugar. If it’s too sweet for my taste, I’m usually turned off and that wasn’t the case for either of the drinks. Mine was nothing but sweet and tasty!

If you’ve never made your way to the West End of Greenville, you should take a trip to try The Village Grind. I promise, you won’t be sorry. It’s not a chain and you won’t catch the staff using pre-made syrups or even a coffee machine for that matter.


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