LTO Burger Bar: A Bang for Your Buck

When you walk into LTO Burger Bar in Greenville, the aroma of burgers and fries hits your nose. This restaurant isn’t a chain and the burgers aren’t pumped with chemicals, toxins and preservatives to keep them “fresh.” Since now until Jan 23rd it’s Restaurant week, my husband and I opted to try their 3-course meal for $20! I mean, that’s a steal that we couldn’t pass up!


We decided to get opposite meals so we could sample all of the food.

The two appetizers you could select from were either Pulled Pork Nachos or Pretzels. The two pretzels were soaked in butter and came with a side of smoked gouda queso. Every bite you took of the pretzel was just as good as the first! As for the nachos, they were house-made chips with pulled pork, molasses mop sauce, green onions, sweet slaw and pickled jalapenos. My husband ordered them and said, “the chips were fresh with just the right amount of crisp and salt.”



I’d say we were not disappointed by the apps, so I was thoroughly looking forward to the meal itself.

I ordered the Fried Chicken Club, which was a buttermilk-soaked fried chicken breast with shaved ham, bacon, creole mustard aioli served with hand-cut fries. Again, you could tell this crispy piece of chicken was made from scratch and sprinkled with love. The combination between the chicken, bacon, ham and mustard satisfied my craving for something a tad sweet and salty. It was honestly like biting in a small piece of heaven. Is that too extreme? Well, I’m just being honest!

On the other hand, my husband ordered the Pimento Cheese Burger, which was topped with smoked poblano pimento cheese and fried pickle chips. He noted the burger was a tad salty, but in a good way. “Not only was it salty, it was also juicy, flavorful and cooked to perfection!”

As if I had anymore room in my stomach, but even still, dessert was calling my name, so I chose the Krispy Kreme Donut Shake, which was topped with cinnamon ice cream, spiced pecans and of course a glazed donut. By this point, I needed to unbutton my pants due to feeling bloated. Don’t worry – no one saw me! Meanwhile, my husband sipped on the Death by Chocolate Shake. This shake consisted of chocolate pudding, chocolate ice cream and a chocolate chip brownie. Both desserts were delicious and definitely satisfied our sweet tooth!


Though I couldn’t finish my dessert, I’d say I thoroughly enjoyed all of my meals at LTO and would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a filling meal. If you’re looking for places to hit during Restaurant week, this one MUST be in your path! For more information on their menu, check out the link here.


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