BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: Chit-Chat with Matthew Rizzo, Owner of Elevated Eye Films

Starting a business can be a rather scary endeavor, but more and more people are making the leap instead of feeling stuck in a 9-5 job. It’s always been a dream of Matthew Rizzo, owner of Elevated Eye Films in Simpsonville to have his own business.

“I finally realized that I could do something that I really enjoy (photography and making short films) and turn it into a business,” said Rizzo. “Making money has been secondary to the satisfaction I get by creating something for customer and know they truly appreciate it.”

Matthew is originally from Niagara Falls, NY and after he finished college with a degree in industrial management, he moved to the Upstate.

After buying a drone in 2016, he found himself making additional money taking aerial photos and videos for real estate agents.

“I was correct in my assumption and soon found myself not only taking aerials but also taking regular photos for real estate. Then came movies for real estate listings,” said Rizzo. “The more I became involved with real estate agents, the more I realized I could provide a better product for them. ”

A few months later, he found himself filming and editing cinematic wedding movies. This was an awesome opportunity for to dive into considering it allowed him to utilize his creativity. He loves capturing the emotion of weddings and getting feedback from a bride and groom after watching their video.


In terms of his skepticism of starting his own business, Rizzo said his number one fear was questioning whether he knew what he was doing.

“Would a real estate agent tell me that my photos weren’t good? Would I ruin someones wedding because I didn’t film it right? The more jobs I did the less I began to worry about this,” said Rizzo. “I just always act professional, always follow through with the commitments I make.”

He learned that a “reputation is big in photography/videography so making sure he does what what he says he’s going to do is very important.”

Rizzo provided My Life as a 20-something year old some tips:

  • Don’t be afraid to take a risk to get started.
  • As long as you work hard and stay focused, things will happen.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t think you are ready.
  • When I got started the first few jobs I did I “faked it till I made it,” meaning I may have not known every little thing about photography and making short films, but when I was on a job I was confident, professional (both in how I acted and with the equipment I used) and made sure my clients expectations were exceeded.

The most important take away is how will you ever know if you’re capable unless you try it? If you’re miserable at your job, re-evaluate what you love to do and try a new career!

Lastly, if you need a videographer or photographer for your wedding, contact Matthew Rizzo: or visit his facebook page Elevated Eye Films.

PS – we recently contacted Matt about trying to re-do our wedding recap in the hopes he’d make it look better and he did an excellent job! He utilized his cineamatography skills and we were NOT disappointed! Watch it for yourself below::

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