My Husband And I Saved Money By Making A Kitchen Table

When we moved to Greenville two months ago, I only had a remote job while my husband didn’t have anything.

Therefore, we needed to pick and choose what we’d spend our money on. We mutually decided not to pay for a kitchen table, and instead chose to make one. So, we went over our friends house to use his tools. However, if you don’t have any tools or know someone who does, you could always go to your local Home Depot or Lowe’s and have them cut the wood for you.

This kitchen table took about a week between sanding, staining and putting the pieces together. A table that would normally cost about $600 cost about $171.96 in the end.

Not only did he make the table, he also made chairs, which turned out perfect. We decided on a rustic look and so, now our apartment feels more complete.

Here’s a breakdown of all the pieces involved:

  • 3: 2 x 12 – 8 ft Pine Planks (for table top, apron and legs) = $28.43
  • 2: ½’ Birch Button Plugs = $7.14
  • 12: 2 x 2 – 8ft Pine Strips (for chairs) = $23.32
  • 2: Spax Wafer Head #10 x 2 1/2” 75 pk Screws = $17.04
  • Titebond II Wood Glue = $3.70
  • 2: 2pks 3” HD Zinc Corner Brace = $10.61
  • 3M PGP 3: 7 x 9 inch Sandpaper 60 Grit + 150 Grit = $8.47
  • Minwax Pre-Stain Wood Condition qt. = $8.51
  • 8 cans: Painters Touch 2x Satin Heirloom White = $33.06
  • Miniwax Classic Gray Stain qt = $8.29
  • Miniwax Wipe on Polyunethane (table top) = $12.78 *Transformations Decorative Glaze (table, apron, legs, and chairs) = $10.61 Total= $171.96

So, if you’re looking for ways to save some cash and you have the tools, I’d highly recommend making a kitchen table and chairs. All you need are the means to cut the wood, some products to make it look nice and patience, of course! And, heck, in the end, it’s actually a fun and pretty easy project you can do together.



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