So What?

Sometimes I still look at my ring and cannot believe I’m married. Can you believe that after over a year of tying the knot I still feel that way? I guess I start thinking of myself as a child and then am brought back to the realization I’m no longer a kid.

I’m actually 28.

Did I envision myself married by now? Well, I wanted to get married by 25, but honestly, looking back to when I was 25, I was not ready for marriage. I was still trying to figure out who I was. Heck – I’m still trying to figure it out, but I’m way closer now than I was before.

My goal this year is to not compare myself to other people. So what if they have a house and I’m renting an apartment. So what if they have kids, while I only have dogs. So what if they’re getting paid more than me. Remember – money doesn’t equal happiness!

Every time you’re about to compare yourself to someone else, remember that just because they have “more” than you doesn’t mean they’re happy with their lives. Just because people appear to be happy on the outside doesn’t mean they’re truly satisfied with their lives. Gosh – they could have come from a broken family, about to lose a loved one, or feel absolutely alone.

Do not believe everything you see on social media or hear in your office.

Instead, focus all your energy on YOURSELF. Think so what? What makes that person better than myself? It took me a while to realize that and some days I’m straight up unbearable to be around, but I’m trying to work on myself. I’m trying to become more confident, stronger, and stand up for what I believe in. I’m trying to state my opinion more and stop being afraid.

And, on the days I feel crappy, I come home to a husband who loves me and two adorable dogs and I start thinking about how gosh darn lucky I am. I’m lucky to have married such a nice and kind man who would give me the world.

And, then I look at how beautiful and gorgeous my ring is and what it symbolizes. It represents our love for each other and my dedication to my husband and only my husband.

After coming home, all of my bad feelings of the day float away and I’m once again remembered how great my life really is!


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