One Tree Hill Gave Me Hope For the Future

Growing up, One Tree Hill was my go-to TV show. In fact, it was my favorite show because it consisted of love, relationship advice, heartbreak, sadness, depression and devastation.

My favorite character was a girl named Haley James. She was both nerdy, quirky, but cute.  She ended up dating the jerk at the time, Nathan Scott, who turned into a great guy because of her. This show ran from 2003-2012 with 9 seasons!

When I was in high school, I yearned for a Nathan Scott. I hoped that one day I would find a guy as sweet as him. I’d constantly watch that show envisioning myself getting married to “my” version of Nathan one day and living happily ever after. I know it was a fictional show, but I lived my high school years through that show. I would get lost in that show and I spend my Saturdays re-watching the whole series over and over again.

And, gosh – sometimes you couldn’t even tell that they were acting because it felt so real. I wanted a guy to look at ME the same way Nathan looks at Haley. I wanted a guy to grab me and kiss me and tell me everything is going to be alright. I wanted a man to comfort me when I was upset. I just wanted a man to protect me and wrap me in his arms.

When it went off the air, I was devastated.

Fast forward to a few years later in 2013, I found my tall, dark and handsome man and his name is Brett. He has dark hair, is 6’1 and is very handsome, which is what I was looking for in a man. I mean, it wasn’t just about looks, it was also personality and how he treated me and I feel like I got the whole package and more than I could ever ask for!

So, years ago when I was sitting at my house watching One Tree Hill wishing that I’d find a guy like my favorite male character, little did I know it would actually happen! OTH gave me hope for the future. That reminds me…. I should set a day aside to binge watch it again to see my favorite characters fall in love over and over again!

Have YOU ever seen OTH? Are you a fan? Let’s chat!



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