We’ve Almost Lived In Greenville For A Year!

A year ago, our plan was to move to Greenville, SC, but I needed a job before we could fully commit. Our lease was up on March 16th in our two-bedroom apartment we shared with his parents. and so, we only had about a month to find a place to live. Our other option was to move to Delaware with his parents.

We had only been married about 3 months and I wanted freedom once again. At the time, I was earning a mere $10 an hour working part-time as a barista at a local college. My husband’s unemployment had just run out that January and so, we only relied on my income.

My husband was taking trips back and forth to North Carolina to pursue a career as a home inspector. Every other week he’d travel to North Carolina, stay for three days and then drive back home to PA. It was rough and he was often exhausted. But, looking back, it was so worth it!

In early February, we decided on Greenville because it was close enough to Asheville for him to commute. I kept applying to full-time jobs and barista positions hoping something would come my way. I did receive two phone calls, but nothing ever worked out.

In early March, we decided to take the leap and move to Greenville without anything concrete. I only had a remote position while my husband only had an offer letter. We’d taken a risk moving to Tennessee and so, we were used to taking chances.  I knew this time would be different because we already had friends here vs Tennessee when we knew no one!

Life is about taking risks and believing everything will be okay. You should never be afraid to take the plunge and do something you’ve been wanting to do! While it’s scary to relocate to a new place and move away from everything you know, sometimes the change is essential to growing up and learning.

Two weeks before we were set to move, my grandma passed away, so, we had to alter our plans a bit. We decided to rent a truck in PA to carry all our belongings, drive them down and then return the truck a few days later. The plan was for his parents to help us move and then I’d drive back with them to attend my grandma’s funeral.

At the time, I was feeling many different emotions. I was devastated for my dad, who loved his mother with all his heart, but at the same time, excited for my next step in life. I was sad to move away from family and friends, but happy to get my own space.

My parents drove me to the airport and right before we said our goodbyes, I put my sunglasses on because I was pretty upset. I walked into the airport, sat down and cried. I remember tearing rolling down my face as I thought about my parents. My dad had just lost his mother and now he probably felt as if he was losing a daughter too! It was a very difficult time, but I knew I’d get through it.

After a year living here, I really like it! Do I want to stay here my entire life? Probably not. Do I feel as if it’s another stepping stone? Absolutely. I just don’t feel like I fully belong. Sometimes I don’t feel as if people accept me. So, while I think it’s a nice and clean place to live, I don’t think it will be my forever home.


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