My Millennial Life is now Available on Amazon!

“When will the documentary you were featured in be available in the states?”

I’ve gotten this question time and time again and could never answer it simply because I wasn’t sure. Well, the director notified me last week that it’s made its debut on Amazon. For those who have prime, feel free to watch it for free. Don’t have Prime? Simply rent it for $2.99 or purchase it in HD for a mere $9.99!

One of the Amazon reviews said the following: Eh somewhat interesting. Profiles four early 20s college educated people with different degrees of likeability – everything from the obscure star map startup (useful to NASA and… one else!) To the party girl who owes 800 dollars to friends for concert tickets and has Daddy pay her rent while she does internships to nowhere to the very likeable freelance writer who works full time in housekeeping to pay the bills and has a solid interview for a position that she isn’t qualified for (you feel her frustration) and so she starts freelance writing (sounds like a good idea-adds to a portfolio and probably pays a couple bucks). There’s also a starry eyed dreamer who is a hopeless romantic but she seems to be making good life choices, at least. Overall this is like us millenials- some are lazy, entitled moochers ( “I just looove to party!” ” credit card declined for these concert tickets!? Try another, chhaa! “) to some that do work hard and want more for themselves but get caught in the job hunt numbers game.

The “starry-eyed dreamer who is a hopeless romantic” is me!

In the film, I went from a job I disliked while living with my parents to moving to Tennessee and finally finding a job I enjoyed. Even though Tennessee only lasted a year, it was definitely a good experience. I learned to be less dependent on my parents and more dependent on myself. I also learned that my then-boyfriend ended up being the man I married. It was a huge step in our relationship. Unfortunately, you weren’t able to see our relationship blossom and grow, but you can read about it in articles + watch my facebook live videos from time-to-time.

If you ever need advice on being a millennial or simply want to vent about your situation, please feel free to reach out to me! I pride myself on being the best listener and I can fully relate to what you’re going through.

For those who are still struggling with what they want to do in terms of a career, I’d urge you to re-evaluate what you’re good at and what you’re most passionate about. Honestly, I’m learning that I really light up when I’m taking photos.

Going back to the documentary though, I found myself saying, “I can’t find myself in this world.” And, in some ways, I still feel the same way. But, I know I’ll figure it out and get through it – just like you! If you’d to check out the film, be sure to check on the link below. Here are some pictures from filming too! Enjoy!

My Millennial Life


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