What are you passionate about?

For the last few years, I’ve been wanting a professional camera, but I could never afford it. I was very thankful when one of my friends sold me his camera for $100 bucks.

I recently bought a fish eye lens to make my photos pop and have noticed a huge difference.  There’s so much more I need to learn about photography, but little by little, I’m improving.

This lead me to the question of… what are YOU passionate about? Other than being a writer, photography has definitely become something I enjoy. This weekend I plan on venturing to somewhere new to practice.

Whenever I see something picturesque, I find myself stopping and trying to get the perfect angle/shot. I love nature. It’s rather smoothing and so, taking a walk or a hike is ideal! Not only are there plenty of photo opps, you can add in some cardio!

If you find yourself unhappy with your current situation, focus on something that brings a smile to your face and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It could be working out or it could simply be doing DIY projects. Whatever it is, continue doing it! Happiness is so much more than money. It’s about building relationship, finding something you love, spending time with family, going on new adventures and traveling! I know it’s easy to get into a slump and digging yourself deeper and deeper, but you need to be able to pull yourself out! How do you do that? Find something you enjoy!

Post your passions below! Or….. better yet, send me an email: hopeandlove89@gmail.com


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